Singapore Imports Foreigner to Steal Jobs from Singaporean Depressing Our Wages.

Singapore-Siao asked a good question.
“protecting Singaporean means not importing foreigners en-masse, REGARDLESS OF WHAT ECONOMIC GOOD THEY BRING in, because they will result in Singaporeans being reduced to minority in our homeland.
That alone, is enough to stop me from voting the bunch of thugs who just committed treason.”


Singapore-Siao good question rise.
What you probably means is that the import of foreigners are stealing Singapore’s job, depressing our wages.

So my question is, what makes you think that they have to come to Singapore to steal your job?

We are not a close economy, and foreigners are in fact everywhere stealing our jobs and depressing our wages, even they are not physically in Singapore.

1) look at the products that we have now in our home. How many products are made in China, Malaysia, Thailand…, how many products are made in Singapore? Why not people buy made in Singapore product, so that our factory can continue to operate here, and not be migrated to another land for their production? The universal truth is people still go for low cost. We cannot blame most of the Singaporean to buy made in China iPhone iPod, and not Creative phone or MP3 players.

With the convenient of internet in these era, I have to admit that I often go online to buy products directly from China instead of the local shops here in my neighborhood. Although it is only a few minutes walk, but online purchase has much more choice, faster, cheaper, and it even includes delivery to my door step. More local merchants will be screwed.

Singapore produce nothing, no natural resources. We are only a land of human beings, which China/India have more and cheaper than us.

What we have now that can differential ourselves from the other nations is our political stability, reputation, branding that early generation has built over the decades. These are what we are surviving on, and we as Singaporean should not attack on the things that keeps us alive.

In fact, the world could easily no without Singapore. Everyone prefer to buy direct from wholesale instead of through a trader. Singapore with nothing cannot do without the world.

2) look at the jobs and services available online. Technology changes the world. Internet has help make the world smaller, by bridging our communication at a very low cost. IT department is no longer needed in this new era. We are very comfortable using email online, software in the cloud, that we hardly need any more IT staffs. Today IT services is provided 24hrs a day support by people all over the globe.

Even the customer services of big companies do not have to physically in Singapore to serve you. At 1pm, it could be an officer from India attending your call. If you are a Chinese, they can easily route you to their colleague who is in China to talk to you. When you need help at night, the officer from USA can help you up.

Check out how much you can hire for someone to write your software/programming, do website, write content, draw graphics and design for you. It cost as low as $5 from “Fiver”. Look at “oDesk” and many more. I can’t cannot compete at all at this ridiculous rate.

We have to look at the world in a boarder view, and not acting like a frog in the water well. These slow changes in the world economy will kick you out without you knowing. If our life sucks now, it is already an indicator that we are falling behind the world. Like a frog a pot of water put to boil, it will be boiled to death without even knowing why.

3) If Singaporean can’t even compete with foreigners right here in Singapore, then what makes you so sure that we can compete with them overseas.

You lost a job to a foreigner in Singapore, at least the job is still in Singapore. The business is still here. You can train harder and take back your job in Singapore. If the business cannot continue operate here, the whole list of jobs will be lost, you may have to travel overseas to get your job. Now you have become the very foreigner that you hates.

One business lost is more than that list of jobs. Many customers, vendors, depends on the business to operate. A chain of businesses will be affected. All businesses are related to other businesses, one way or another.

Foreigner stay here, eat here, they will also need to spend. There will be other businesses who will benefits also.

4) So if our job is taken over by foreigner, what we need to do is to shift our mindset. To acknowledge that the world is changing.

a) We need to improve our skills if we want to take back that jobs. Convince your boss that you are better than FT. If we can help boss earn more income than what we get paid monthly, there is no reason why the boss don’t hire us. The boss will only gain, no loss, because we showed boss that we can help them make more money than what we get for our stable monthly salary.

b) If the boss is stubborn and cannot be convinced by you, and prefer to hire cheap cheap for better profit margin or whatever…, then why not setup a business to compete with your boss? Since you already have the confident and capability to earn more than your usual stable monthly salary, it is a no-brainer to do your own business instead of helping your lousy boss.

Doing own business even better. You will not have your wage depressed, because you are now the captain and can decide how much you should pay yourself. If you want to earn more, no one can stop you, if you want to relax and earn less, no one can force you. You determine your own destiny instead of being threaten by your boss and your FT competition.

When you business grows bigger, even laggi best. Now you can have more capability to help those Singaporean around you, providing them with jobs. Your boss lousy doesn’t mean you need to follow his foot step. You can do your part and control the community around you.

c) Now with so many foreigners in Singapore, we can even have more chance to work and network with them. Form a business partnership. Singapore is a hub, we can be a land to help businesses connect. Foreigner may have good product or services in their hometown that they can offer to the world. Having lived and worked in Singapore, have Singaporean friends, whom do you think they are more likely to work with. Singapore, of course. Network with FT for there are more opportunities than it is to a lost of 1 job. Business opportunities is about networking. More friend is better then less.

Singapore has no resources and depends a lot on business networking to survive. If not for our leader’s foresight and make friend with people from all over the world, we may not have so many foreigner competing, neither would we have so many opportunities and progress. Life is like that, you open the window to let the fresh air in, you will also at the same time let the flies or mosquito in.

Importantly is to installed Singaporean with the correct mindset to survive in the competitive world today. There is no way we can stop the world from being better than Singapore. We can only be better and running faster than them. We have to because we depend on the world to survive. They world owns us nothing.

Learn from business man how the survive in business world, and yet is capable enough to feed Singaporeans with monthly stable income. If our life is sucks, it is definitely our fault, because we are the one who is controlling our own life. No government can stop you from success, neither can the gov force you to work harder.

“If we are born poor, it is not our fault. If we die poor, it is definitely our fault.”. No one owns us a living. Understand and accept this reality, we can changed our own life, because the power to change our life has always been in our own hand.


Will Minimum Pay Work? The Truth…

Many people and some opposition party believe that minimum wage works.

I have write many thoughts regarding about it. I decide to search for video which is more interesting to understand the impact minimum wage will actually bring to the poor people. It is interesting to learn that many other people in the world have the exact same thought as I am.

The Truth about the Minimum Wage

Is Singapore Our Home?

The mindset of opposition supporter is quite straight forward. The reason why some people are thinking differently from the government because they treat the definition of home a home, and nation a nation. These can results in many of the misunderstanding between the government and the anti-government.

taken from:

A Home, A Nation, A Company. Are They Different or Same?

“from mouseking

“There you go again with your confusion. A home is never a company! And that is why we have to defend our home from becoming a company.”

“No, a nation and home. They are not different entities! A company is a different thing altogether! Therein lies yours and fap’s confusion!”

mouseking treated these definition strictly from textbook. Of course they are different.

If you treats all these as the same, you will be able to understand a lot more of the perspective that seems evil doing from the government’s policy. In order to understand why government has been so evil, you first have to treat your nation as your own home, and all fellow Singaporean as if they are your close and loved family members.

They Are the Same

mouseking replied me a few times that a nations and it triggers my memory. An encounter I had in a recent year.

“from Siong Boon” as follows

“Yes. It is. I didn’t really think deep about this topic, until I personally saw one incident with my own eye. It totally provided me that perspective. It was then I understand that there is this two perspective of home.
One fine afternoon, As I was going out walking down my flat, I saw a primary school kid wearing school uniform on his way back home. He taking his drink from this disposal drink (seal type poke with a drinking straw). There was some left over in his cup, and he no longer want to drink some more. What I saw is amazing.
Without much thoughts, he swing his arm and threw that disposal cup towards the door of our HDB rubbish chute door. The cups smashes at the door and the drink were spilled over over the place. It is something that I would not even try to do. This sort of mental behavior is trained from young.

At the moment, I thought to myself, is this the usual way people dispose their waste at home? The answer to me was obvious. There are two kind of people in this society. One group of people only look towards themselves. They like their home. Anything outside their door, it is non of their business, it  is other people’s business. Rubbish in their home they pick up. Rubbish outside their home, it is other people business. These people usually think of themselves as a priority.

Another group of people treat every where as their home. Rubbish outside, they pick up, see got people need help they help. The whole Singapore is their home, everyone is their family member, helping one another.
That’s the difference between mentally. If one truly love Singapore and Singaporean, one will go for the solution that benefits the society as a whole, and not only think about the benefits for themselves. There is a difference between the mindset of these two group of people, which can be reflected by the kind of policies that they are supporting in the coming election.
Do you see your home as your home, or Singapore as your home? It can easily be seen from your daily behavior and thinking mindset.”

Treat it as if it is Your Home

The same rules applies to companies. If you behavior differently when you treat company as a place to make your earning, and if you treat the company as your home.

If we treat Singapore as our home, as our company, as our source of income, as a place which help us survive and live good life, you will be able to connect to what the government is trying to do. Government’s doing look cruel and evil on the outside, but in reality it is caring a lot for Singaporeans, a reason why they are one of the longest ruling party in the world. All these will be gone when there are more and more people thinking inwards into themselves, ignoring things outside them, outside the door of their own home.

The following is taken from a discussion from

Someone suddenly throw at me a question asking why PAP vote so low but still took up so many seats? What he had position his view to me is that the voting system is not fair?

I did took some time to think about it. This has came up quite a number of times during our cross fire discussion but I didn’t really think about it until this question was throw at me. I didn’t have the immediate answer to this question yet, but in my mind, I know voting is a fair game. There must be a positive perspective, how we can re-frame such a thoughts.

Low Vote, Many Seats, Why?

This is what “WhatTheFishIsThis” asked me. A tricky question, wanting me to link the results to the cause of Gerrymandering Theory and GRC system.

“Can you explain how 61% of popular vote can translate into 80 of 87 seats in Parliament (2011). Isn’t this gerrymandering and the GRC system ?”

GRC is Unfair

I ponder for a while. With faith that voting system is fair, and through reasoning, I can see that in fact there is actually not much a relationship between the vote result due to the drawing of GRC boundary.

Indeed I once said to myself “As long as PAP keep the GRC system they will not get my vote”. All along my mind, this is one of the most difficult thoughts to overcome. Overcoming the thoughts of PAP as evil. A gentleman should not need to resort to such method to win votes. It is like playing cheating. This leads to a thought that PAP is hiding something, must be doing something evil such that they need to resort to this lowly tactic.

Actually this thought is one of the mental trap. For once we assume PAP is evil, it become very easy to fall into the theory of the Gerrymandering.

Now when I think deeper, actually it doesn’t reason out. The following is my reply to the questions

Rules of the Game

from “Lim Siong Boon

This is very easy to explain. This is how the voting game rule works. A seat won has nothing to do with the overall percentage of the voters in Singapore. This sort of results will happen when the fight is close to 50%.
Let’s take a simple example to explain. Imagine if PAP win all the sits by merely only 1%. This means that each sits is 50.5% (PAP) to 49.5% (Oppos).
PAP win all seats, Oppos has no seats. But if you look at the results, PAP only have 50.1% supporters, but Opposition has 49.5%.
This clearly demonstrate the logic behind the fact that the number of seats has nothing to do with the overall percentage of the voters choice.
The only way to link the percentage concept is to do the voting as a whole nation. If opposition get 10% of the votes, then they should be allocated for example 9 seats. But all along in history, it is not how the game was played. Maybe when you become PM, you can change to this method of playing. For now, we will just have to follow the current rule.

How to Steal an Election by Gerrymandering

I thought I have managed to simply the explanation for the question rises, but “WhatTheFishIsThis” didn’t give up. and throw out the following picture.


Oh my god, this is how the theory work. The picture present the theory in a very simple to understand manner. It allow us to get the concept without thinking too hard into it. It simply says that there is a big difference in the election result just by drawing of lines.

This of course will help reader to relate to the GRC, and the consistent PAP winning. Poor voting percentage but still can get high number of seats. It creates an instant link for opposition supporter to relate.

I know this isn’t seems right but frankly speaking, it is not easy to explain in a simple manner. Opposition supporter like to justify their version of the stories with these sort of gimmick. The good faith that I have, really help push me to think even harder. Thinking hard for what could be wrong with this explanation on this Gerrymandering theory.

After thinking through how a real voting process is, I finally got the ideal to explain it in a more rationale manner. This illustration has a flaw. The reality is just not the same as the theory on presented on this picture illustration. No one will have the luxury to draw the line and ensure that they will win. It is not possible, unless you know the voting result before you draw.

Gerrymandering is a Story

from “Lim Siong Boon“, how I finally get to reply his question,

“Come on. Try harder to stir emotion and sow distrust.
Trying to buff small kids is it?
In real election, do you think the box are color first, and then the line is then draw?
Or the line is draw first then the color is done?”

There is nothing about Gerrymandering

Like any other concept or theory, there are many reasoning about  gerrymandering that I can find on the internet.

from “Lim Siong Boon“,

“by the way, there are two side of gerrymandering.
This is the other side for a more balanced view (for the benefit of the rest).
scientist justified with data.
Another one, if it is not enough,

So sorry, I search what I believe in, so Goggle will always give me the
result I wanted. Any form of opinion. There is always two side to a

Whatever we believe in, we tends to search it from Goggle. And the results will pop up what people are searching for. If we search “Gerrymandering Evil”, the search results will pop up with evil stuffs related to Gerrymandering, read about it, reinforcing our believe that Gerrymandering is evil. It is important also to learn the other sides of thing. If we search “Gerrymandering myth”, you will often get views of the alternative. Keep your soul in touch with the reality, and have a balance view, a mind of your own.

Does Gerrymandering Really Work?

Does Gerrymandering really works? Of course not. If applying Gerrymandering means you will win, then PAP would not have lost so many seats in 2011. This fact already shows that Gerrymandering has no effect. A lousy government will eventually be overthrown. If you are capable of winning, you will win.

When PAP won over the Potong Pasir constituency in 2011, there was no changing of boundary for that constituency. This is a form of respect for the opposition. Gerrymandering was not applied in that constituency, but PAP still win in 2011 after many attempts to win it back.

The same apply to Punggol East by-election in 2013. PAP won Punggol East during the 2011 election. WP was able to win it from PAP in the 2013 by-election from the same group of voters in the 2011. Fair game. No boundary re-draw as well in this case. You good, you win.

If Gerrymandering GRC system works, then how come draw line already, WP can still win Aljunied GRC? This again shows that it does not matter how the line is drawn. If a party is strong enough, nothing can stop them from winning.

All these clearly indicates that to win the election, you need quality people. WP
or PAP can win because they got the ingredients inside them.

When people lose, to save face, they often need some explanation or
stories of why they lose. Who will want to embarrasses themselves by
telling the world that they lose because they are not good enough. It is
better to push the blame to Gerrymandering and GRC.

If the opposition lost this 2015 election, there will probably be new excuses,

  • Kiasu snap election after our NDP 2015 Jubilee year celebration
  • Remembering Lee Kuan Yew
  • Propaganda documentation on TV all year round
  • etc…

Face it, face the reality. We lose a business, a contract, a job or an election, is simply we cannot make it. There is nothing to lose face about.
It is only when we acknowledge our mistake, will we able to take action to improve
ourselves for the better. If you keep thinking it is other people’s
factor, due to Gerrymandering, due to GRC, you will find that there is
nothing you can do about it, because these are things you cannot
control. You will find yourself keep wanting to change the things that
you cannot change, and forgot about the things you can change.

Learn from successful people like LTK, be good, form a good team and fight
with the head up accordingly to the rules of the game. Become the PM and
change the rules you think it the best.

It is the quality of our mindset which is the most important.

What is the Singapore’s Stake

Many opposition supporter view Singapore operating like a business cooperation, thinking that their labour is being exploited.

Yes, I agree that Singapore is operating like a cooperation and I agree Singapore should be operated like a cooperate. It is the essential of why we enjoy what we enjoy today.

To say that people are being exploited is unfair. No one can exploit us, unless we want them to. Likewise, no one can stop us from the success that we want, if we are determined.

We are unlike any other nations where they can do what they like, because their motherland is rich of resources. When our mother is poor, we basically have not much of a choice, except to be work collectively together like a organised coorperate.

Various institutes are form, Singaporean working together over the decades to help built up Singapore reputation as a branding. We have earned and enjoy what we have now because Singaporean built the reputation and branding over the decades.

Singapore has no natural resources, no land for food. Only manpower, but other nations have much much more than us. We are basically surviving on our reputation and branding. And if we are not protecting the resources that are feeding us now, you know what will happen next. There is only one reason why other nations are willing to trade with us.

Other nations do not have such worries at all, because most can self sustain. It is important not to take all these for granted. Our only resources that keeps this tiny island alive is our Singapore brand as a whole, and it is important not to have it damage at all cost. This understanding alone can explain a lot of things happening in the political world. Singaporean are not protecting the PAP, but is protecting what the PAP is trying to protect.

The Opposition Election Strategy | Singapore Election 2015

Election, election, election.

Bullets flying all over the place.

Taken from this Facebook page,

The PAP’s Election Strategy

by the Facebook account “Wake Up, Singapore”

  • Keep talking about the WP’s lapses town council blah blah blah.
  • Mention Lee Kuan Yew’s name in literally every sentence.
  • Use blatant threats such as witholding HDB upgrades.
  • Cry in front of the camera to gain sympathy.
  • Deploy the IBs and the mainstream media to run their propaganda barage.

The Opposition Election Strategy

What I commented,”

  • Keep talking about the hardship and high living expense in Singapore, but everywhere I go, restaurant full house, more and more high end shops in Singapore. Children, student eat happy at MacDonald, holding the latest phone on the market.
  • Stirring hatred emotion by focusing attention to poor old people picking cupboard, cleaning the table in food courts, MP crying, so that it rise our blood and perceive PAP as evil pigs.
  • Use “Animal Farms Story” to relate to you how the people up there control your life, when everything about our life can only be controlled by our very own.
  • Installing fear, telling you that local FT is stealing your jobs which is the created by the gov policy, when in fact we are all along competing with the whole world, and the whole world is competing for our rice bowl.
  • Insisting that the mainstream media is propaganda while their online media as the truth and not propaganda.
  • Making people feel that Singapore is poorly managed by focusing on the poor in every society. The fact that in any society, in any situation, there will always be people who are running behind people. There will always be a last position.

People Loves to hear Stories causing their Suffering

Believing in the words of hatred can psychology put people into a state of helplessness, believing that we are not to be blame for our own suffering. And that external events are to be blame for all our suffering.

We all want to change others. But in reality, there is No Way to demand others to change, demanding for higher salary, demanding for cheaper goods and services in life, demands from bosses to lower down our salary. When we cannot control other people submitting to our wants, we will feels as though we have no control over our own life and job. An emotion of helplessness, and that the only way out is by the very vote in our own hand on the polling day. Making us believe that by the vote in our hands, our life will change for a better.

I am confident enough to say, no matter which party takes over the government, our life will remain fairly our own life. No one owns us a living. Rich will still be as rich, poor will still be as poor. Employer who cannot afford to pay us a higher salary will still not be able to pay us a higher salary. Your food taste lousy, not good to eat, your business will still be as poor. Do not expect miracle to happen.

How much we can earn and make a better life for ourselves, depends on the value we create for others. It doesn’t matter which government takes over. We cannot change this fundamental facts, and this is how the economy works in the reality. People still choose goods and services that are value for money. The law of nature doesn’t change because of the vote in our hand.

Waking Up to Reality of Life

The only way to improve people’s life, is to get them to wake up to the reality. The reality that our life sucks because it is due to our own fault. It is only when we realised that we are the creator of these faults, we will know that we are also the creator of our own success. To wake up to the fact that the power that control over our life has all along been in our very own hand.

All Singaporean are face with the same rules and regulation set by the government, the same stress and challenges in life. Why is it that there are people who are successful, and there are also people who are not? Why is it that some restaurant are always full-house, people who can afford chasing for high branded goods, and we have some people who can’t.

In every class room, there will people who will be the first in class, and there will always be a student in the last position. This is a reality that there will be strong and the weak. Why opposition always show you the weak? A coward way to stir negative emotion that the society is unfair, so that people empathy on their vision. If every classroom has a 1st and last, it will be the same for every society around the world. There will be the rich and the poor. These are things that they can use as a bullet to stir emotion, sow discord to achieve what they want to achieve. Those who listen to them without doing your own thinking and judgement are simply becoming a pawn in their chess game.

Why PAP so Evil but still get Voted in?

Just ask ourselves, why if the policies are indeed so cruel, so bad, so heartless? Why people still vote for evil pigs? They will start to find excuses to reason out by saying that those Singaporean who vote them are stupid, they are fearful, scare to change. These are stories to help them justified that their version of stories are the truth and that the rest are fake.

以小人之心,度君子之腹. Even if PAP sincerely offer you a drink, you will have your way of justifying that they put poison in the cup.

No One Loves to Blame Themselves

These are bullshit stories to make yourself feel better, and that you have the right thoughts. No one loves to blame themselves for their own suffering and have the courage to say that they are stupid.

Trusting People Who Only Talk?

If the mindset of these stories that you have, of these alternative democratic way of debating, a better way of managing Singapore, really works, your life would have been the first to experience the truth. Your life will not be sucks. Your life will be smooth without hardship and suffering. The fact that our life sucks because we do not have an idea how to make our life better.

We just need accept the fact that we are the problem of our own life and we need to learn from people who are more successful than we are, who knows how to navigate through the reality with ease. It is only when we start to wake up to this reality, will we start to look for ways to improve our own life. If we keep blaming others for our own suffering, it will make us feel as if there is nothing we can do to improve our life (because there is no way to control other people in a society of freedom).

But for a moment if we starts to think again. Accept the fact that we have in control of our own life, and empower yourself to make a change in your life for a better. No one owns us a living.

Future of Singapore

The future of Singapore lies in our own hand. Vote wisely with your own judgement, and not be influenced to the extreme of either side. For every 1 negative things that comes to our thoughts, we should also brings in 1 positive thoughts. Keep views in balance. Always stand in the middle and judge both side fairly. The decision that we made will always be right.

Vote and sleep with a peace of mind. Happy Voting.

Lee Kuan Yew Rules Singpore with Ruthless Fist

One of the shocking video that I have seen,

It was about how GRC concept get formed. With Mr Chiam fighting against Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was clear that the concept of GRC will be a disadvantage to the opposition party.

This was the video that convince how ruthless Lee Kuan Yew was. Video tells a thousand words. He was a kind looking grandfather to me, but this video had changed my impression about him. I saw how he forcefully interrupted the opposition without any respect for him.

Ever since I woke up that day, from the world of hatred and suppression in 2013. I finally get to see Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s perspective of Singapore.

I Was Looking at the Wrong Perspective

I have to admit, I was caught into the mental state, got trap. If not for the TV interview and soul searching, I will probably still not wake up from the reality. While I always talk about this story as it was a an instant flip of my mind, in reality there are definitely many small little instances that lead me to the mind set that I have today.

A Story of a Wise Ruling

I would like to share with you this story, which helps brings out the emotional side of what I am trying to express. A story a mother who’s baby is stolen by another mother. I manage to find the story online,

A Wise Ruling

Most of the time, we are speaking in a perspective of our own. The disagreement and argument arises are also because of the difference in the thoughts that each individual has in their whole mental whole.

Both sides, be it the government or anti-government supporters, often starts with a good intention in their mind for Singapore. Both are often right and logical in their way of articulating their thoughts. As a judge not knowing who is right who is wrong, having to make a rationale decision to cast our vote can be a dilemma. A vote for our future, who should you trust?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Truly Loves our Nation and Singaporean

I can finally understand why Mr Lee Kuan Yew acted like a hooligan in that video. I thought he was just a hooligan trying push his weight through whatever he wants to do.

Opposition like to says whatever they like to say, freely, freedom of speech, because they are not holding any stake in their hand when they speak. On their hand they have nothing. No mandate from the citizens of Singapore, no experience, not holding any form of responsibility. What they are focusing on is how to speaks out the people’s mind and win the heart of the people at all cost. I had resonated so well to their speeches. It brings up a sense of justice and equally in people wanting to fight for our own right which will benefits ourselves.

On the other side, there is a mother who is always careful in her words. She knows the consequences what what her word can brings to her baby. One wrong speech, one wrong action, and her baby can be gone for good. The real mother cares about her baby, love her baby, and is responsible for her baby. She even has to lie about the real truth, to the best interest for her child. The stake the real mother has, is way way bigger than the other mother who is trying to get what she wants.

The Story Applies to Reality

We may not feel the pitch that the leader’s are feeling if we are not able to get into their shoes. Into the issues that they are worrying day in day out for Singapore and Singaporean. After all we only need to take care of our families and not the rest of our fellow Singaporean.

The same goes to the companies and staffs trying their best to protect the image of their company, because the company reputation is going to affect their rice bowl directly.

Media Control is Nothing But Protecting All Singporean

These thoughts applies to media control. Why on earth would people want to protect and choose PAP as the ruling party? Can’t people see what evil policies the government has came up with? Why are majority of the people so stupid? Who are they actually protecting? Protecting the PAP? As an opposition supporter, it is natural that they would want to use this bullet to their fullest advantage. To do whatever it takes, regardless of anything.

They are all protecting our home, protecting our own people’s rice bowl. Including me, joining in now. I can’t help it after I woke up. I too know now that the stake is too high to ignore and let the nature run its course. It is a mother’s instinct naturally come to me, to want to stand up and protect this home.

PM will definitely feel the pitch as he is directly accountable, LKY will feel more pitch as he is the one building up the home. If someone wants to break the very things that we are protecting, for sure we feel the pitch too. If you don’t feel a thing for something (stranger, not yours), you will not feel the pitch.

I can now understand what some people across the nation are protecting. They are not protecting their seats. They are protecting our home. They have a bigger heart and regards Singapore as their home, Singaporean as their family. People with smaller hearts only look at things from their own perspective and benefits. Because only those things behind their door is their home, and those outside their door is other people business. There are people who thinks and act like that.

It Sounds Really Easy to make a Judgement, in Reality it will not be.

While having say so many things, it can still difficult be difficult to make a judgement who right who wrong, who should you follow, who should you vote for. I can’t make a decision for other Singaporeans. I can only advise, to vote with a rationale mind weighting the factors that determine Singapore’s future. The power is in each of our own hand. If it is really that difficult to decide, I would suggest to vote for the team who respect and practice, peace and harmony, justice and equality. This one it is all about your own judgement.

How GST Can Help the Poor | Singapore

When it comes to GST, most citizen on the ground will think it is a liability to them. Of course. No one will be in the right set of mind to love paying tax to the government. The less the better. It is an addition expense that do not bring us tangible benefits.

Tax is going to be here for sure, because a nation needs money to operate. The roads/shelter that have path for us, the street lamps traffic lights, the civil service man and woman who help in the running of our nation, police force, army, air force, etc… There are things that aren’t directly related to us in a tangible way, that makes us who we are, the better lifestyle we enjoyed today.

Of so many tax method, why did the government introduce the GST? A tax that will affect directly those who are poor? This is a questions in many people’s mind. Some more, leaders are saying that GST helps the poor. To many people, this is a ridiculous statement. How can GST, take additional money away from you when you buy daily necessity, be benefiting the poor? It ponder me for a moment, but I understand why it is.

It is probably the experience and knowledge I had which help me understand the reality on the ground.

Before I had Joined the Work Force

I was a student. Excited about the coming working life, I have many questions regarding the tax. What is tax? I learned that tax is collecting a fair share of money from the people for the purpose of running a nation. Every Singaporean contribute their fair share of tax for nation building. What I did back then in school was to visit the library and borrow the “Singapore Master Tax Guide Handbook 2003” read. I knew I would need it in future, and photo copied the whole book. This handbook is still with me after all these while.

The tax system in Singapore is clearly a fair and empathy system. The poor pays no personal tax if they earn little, and those who earn more pay more tax. It is an incremental tax system. It reflect our a mediocrity system, allowing the poor opportunities, or a better advantage compare to the more successful ones to stand up in the society.

There are Flaws in Tax System

This personal tax system seems pretty good and decent. Low income fellow Singaporean pay less personal income tax. Poor people should benefit more then people who are already successful. But in reality, it doesn’t work this way. Why?

How Tax Look like On the Ground

As I recall my first encounter with taxation in Singapore.

I was still in my first year of working life. My salary was not that high. It was also my first year. I did not received any tax letter from IRAS, because I was not tax by the nation. Wanting to get to know more about taxation, an opportunity came along and I volunteer myself to help people file their tax using IRAS online tax filing. It was still a new system back then. Convenient, but many still don’t know how to use it. This system can help to reduce the long physical queue at IRAS office during the annual tax filing period. We were giving a quick training how to use the system, how to help resident file the tax. I was assigned to Radin Mas community centre which is near Mount Faber.

Uncles aunties in the queue waiting to be serve by us. Not very crowded, the environment is rather clam and relax (as far as I can remember). Most people who do their own tax reporting is sole proprietary type, insurance agent, . Those under employment type usually has a form from the company stating the information that they need to report. Nowadays, employee don’t even need to report much as company are submitting for them on their behalf.

There is this one incident that left a deep impression on me. An uncle who was then an insurance agent came to my desk. We started off by me asking him some simple questions, which allow me to fill in on their behalf. He told me how much he earn as income for the previous year, claim on deductible allowance from the IRAS. There are a number of tax deductible like NSman, taking care of mom, etc… Something like that.

As a volunteer, we are only making the declaration on their behalf. They have to acknowledge. At the end of the submission, I shown him the income amount that he has declare for the year, and the tax amount that he is expected to pay. Ponder for a while, he ask me to go back to the top of the page to adjust the income. He explained that as an agent he also has expenses like name card, marketing material, etc… There was no requirement that they need to show proof on their income or things like that. I act upon his request and started to deduct his income base on his verbal instruction. After we are done, I scroll down to the declaration page. This time round after the adjustment, his income is below the taxable amount, and no tax is required from him. This was what the system indicate.

From that moment onward, the impression upon me was that actually IRAS is actually quite lenient about how people declare their income tax. You can declare how much income you earn, and this open opportunity for people to under declare their income. For employee working for companies, they are into the auto-inclusive scheme, so all income reporting are done by the company, which is more efficient and much more fairness.

I always thought that it should be a strict process. How much we earn, we will need to declare. Everyone should contribute a fair share to help run the nation. The reality is, people don’t like to pay tax. If can avoid, why would people not? I can also understand that it will cost more money to hire investigator to check if people declare their tax correctly. The approach used by IRAS is usually to catch those big of tax evasion case and report the news big big on the newspaper, hoping to deterrent other people from doing the same thing. This is clearly not a fair and equality system that Singapore has installed into me.

Personal Income Tax is not Fair

Personal income taxation may look very innocent in theory which many people believed, is actually a loop hole for people who have the thoughts of evading their tax. If people can avoid paying for tax so openly, then it is also possible that there are many more who can do it formerly.

For those employee who are working honestly for a living, they contribute a fair share to the nation building. For another group of people who are smart and wants to evade tax, it is natural that they do whatever to help them conserve their resources. It is human nature that we want to keep more money for ourselves. This is clearly not fair.

Running a Nation, Needs Money

A nation need money to run the nation. Money is collected through tax. If more and more people don’t pay their fair share of tax, the running of the nation will be tougher. More people to take care, but the tax collected is not enough to run the nation well. Naturally, pressure for the government to rise the tax will be there.

But the thing is if the government rise the tax, those honest hardworking people will be paying more. While those smart people who wants and know how to evade tax can continue to pay no or less tax. Rising tax is clearly not a good choice. It punishes those hardworking people and it has a loop hole which allow smart people to evade tax. If this system is allowed to be continue, the lower income, hardworking group of Singaporean will suffer more in long run. Rich is going to get richer and poor unknowingly get poorer.

Although I see other people do it, in my mind I know it should be this way. It makes me want to learn and understand the proper way to account for our income. It was a time when I started to learn and understand more about tax. From the tax master guide, I also read about GST.

Why GST is a Fair Form of Taxation?

This is where I start to appreciate the GST method of taxation. The very first policy I see in Singapore which provide every citizen a fair systematic way of contributing funds for nation building.

GST start in the early 90s at 3%. At the same time personal income tax was reduced. It is a policy to shift the collecting of tax from goods and services, instead of from income tax. If you are wealthy, spend more, you pay more tax. You are poor, spend less, you pay less tax. If you are wealthy, you save & spend less, you pay less tax, money keep in the bank waiting for inflation, your money will be depleting in no time. If you are poor, you spend a lot of money, it simply means you are not poor.

People can declare that they are poor, but if they can spend a lot, it simply means they belong to the category of selfish people who earn more money but keep saying that they are poor. It was impossible to catch people evading tax, because people can declare lower income. With GST things change. Everyone pays the same percentage regardless of how much you earn. If you don’t spend, what for you earn your income for. For display?

GST is a fair tax system because it is difficult to avoid paying tax.

Helping Nation to Collect Tax

Businesses who choose to be GST registered are helping the nation to collect the tax from people. At the same time, they are able to claim back the GST that they have spend on. The GST collected will be most of the time higher the GST claim. This means that there is almost always a surplus GST tax to be handled over to IRAS. GST is essentially a system of collect fair share of taxes on behalf of the government. All income and GST claim, collected has to be accounted through invoices, receipts. Accountable.

Businesses who registered as a GST company will not be affected by the GST. In fact GST reduces their cost of business compared to business who didn’t register. It become a self sustain system whereby businesses will automatically opt in to help the nation collecting tax. GST is a very efficient tax collecting system, collecting the right amount of tax from the right people.

Businesses who do not register for GST will be like normal consumer. They are not able to claim for the GST they consumed. Especially for sole proprietary business, some may not be honest and do not do proper accounting. Most of the time they are not check upon, and can easily escape paying tax. They declare tax similar to declaring personal tax. They can choose to evade personal income tax, but they will find it very difficult to avoid paying GST.

I often encourage businesses to register for GST. Some business owner is very stubborn and instead that they don’t want to be GST registered in their own perspective. They insist that they don’t want to have their customer pay the GST tax. Yes, you may have see this before. “No GST”. Customer no need to pay for GST, make customer happy. But in reality, customers are paying the GST that the business cannot claim for his business expenses. For business which do not have much expense except employee’s salary, it is better for them not to be GST registered.

Competitors who are GST registered are able to claim back the GST paid. This makes their goods cheaper compare to a competitor selling the same product.

GST for Poor People

“GST is to help the poor” statement made by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Many thinks that it is the most ridiculous statement that they have heard. GST is taking money from everyone, including the poor and announce boldly that GST is helping the poor. It is understandable that most people find it ridiculous.

When I first heard about this statement, it was quite ridiculous statement even for me because at that time I have not yet be able to link GST helping poor people. I was aware that GST is a fair system. And because of what of the many numerous experience I have with the tax system, reading the tax guide, going to IRAS seminar, volunteering, it started to sink into my mind that what Mr Tharman said is correct.

If you have read through what I wrote above, you should have right now a better understanding of the perspective that I am coming from, and why GST is fair and is helping the lower income group of people.

GST helps the nation to collect the correct amount of tax from the people. No bias, regardless of race, language or religion, rich or poor, everyone pays their fair share of GST 7%. This is in line with a mediocrity society that the government is pitching. You can cheat by claiming that you belong to the low income group, but GST never collect the wrong tax, because it is collected base on percentage all across the board.

GST Rebate

When you open the windows for fresh air, there will also be fly’s and mosquito flying in. On one policy can be perfect. This is true for GST. The government also understand that the GST though is effective in capturing the right amount of tax that should be collected, it can be a burden to the poor people. This is where the money collected is return back to the people.

Government has collected GST, but a portion of the collected tax is redistributed to the people base on our declare or physical situation. It is difficult to assess people’s wealth individually. Who will enjoy declaring that they are rich, and get less GST rebate. Simpler method has to be used across the board. How big your house is, an example can fairly indicate the income level that you represent. The bigger house you live, the less you get. I think it is a fair assumption.

Of course big house means you are rich, may not be totally true, but as government, you need to think about the execution. Checking on individual takes up expenses, wasting public funds. Instead of spending money to hire someone to check on your citizens, might as well save the money and distribute to the people.

The GST rebate is enough to differential and covers back the GST paid for daily necessity. If a lower income family receive $300 as their GST rebate, it will mean that about $4000 dollar of their spending is GST free for each individual. It turns out to be $333.33 for your monthly necessity expense, about $10 spent everyday is GST free.

There is always a line that the government have to draw. Those who is sandwiched in between will want more. There will people who wish they don’t have to pay GST.

Everyone Play Our Part to Build Our Nation

Everyone plays a part in nation building, everyone contribute a fair share. Fair share will be defined by the government and not individual’s standard. Everyone face the same tax burden and level of expenses in Singapore. If these doesn’t not create a fair level playing field. I really don’t how any other policies will.

If there is a choice, I would rather to be tax with a higher GST and $0 income tax.

Think about it. All Singaporean and people have ideal. Ideal almost always starts with a good in mind. The reality may not often be the ideal that we want to have in life.

If not for the GST, we may be as bad as Malaysia now. Slow economy, reduce in subsidies, and now citizen protest across the country, making economy worst. An even more difficult time for the PM to implement GST, which will takes years to see any result, and a day to see protest on the street. They are rejecting a scheme that is going to help them create a fair and equal society that they are wanting to have. Counter initiative isn’t it.

In the fast pace of internet today, it is important that we analyse the situation with a fair and balance mind. Every policy has it pros and cons balanced. 5 disadvantages that you can think of, you will need to dig out 5 other advantages that a policy can create.

At the end of the day we individual Singaporean are making an individual choice. The future that we want is in our own hand. I can only present what I understand from my own perspective, to minimise misunderstanding or hatred, if any. No government is so stupid to make a policy to want to make citizen angry. A government who dare to make a difficult decision which for sure know people will throw stone at them, and probably be voted out, is to me a good government with courage and care a lot for her people.

Foriegner Stealing Jobs from Singaporean | Good or Bad?

The most common opposition supporters like to use is using the fact that foreigner is coming here to replace Singaporean. They would think of all the negative aspect of it making it seems to put Singaporean at a lower level playing field.

It sounds logical on the surface, but if you think carefully the implication of this, why on earth would a government do these, and yet dispute this obvious disadvantage that the government is putting pressure onto its citizen, majority of the Singaporean still vote and stand together with the government.

Government Allowed Foreigner to Steal Singaporean’s Jobs

Questions thrown at me at the following forum,

by someone known as “Prometheus”,

“Then I guess as a consolation worst off Singaporean should go and reside in those countries where the worst off Singaporean are better than those worst off in those countries.

Sound logical to you ? If yes by you, then the same logic goes to those worst off students here, go and study somewhere where the students’ results there are worse off than yours.

The difference here being those governments in those worst off countries with those worst off people are not that generous as our government in allowing our worst off Singaporean to go into their countries to “steal” their worst off peoples’ lunches or compete with their worst off students.

Hope you get the point I am getting dizzy trying to articulate my point.

Actually Government is saving our Rice Bowl

I mean yes, a lot of foreigner coming here is not sustainable. It will probably have to be this manner until we can find a gold mine which shield us from competition, or bring up our productivity. Meanwhile, we still have to feed our family.

The following was my reply to ….”Prometheus”

Singapore is an Open Economy

“In an open economy, people don’t have to travel here to steal your lunch. If you are living in North Korea then maybe.

Good flows freely. Just look at the goods you have at home, most are made in China. Even high end quality products like iPhone are from China.

If every Singaporean all buy from China, then local business/factory all can close down already. Do we restrict Singaporean to import cheap products from overseas? Do we force Singaporean to buy only made in Singapore goods? We cannot do that because we are an open economy.

Why Singapore has to be a Open Economy

The reason Singapore need to be open economy because we cannot sustain by ourselves. No natural resources like oil, metal, woods not enough land for farming our own food. We can only buy from other nations.

Where do we get the money to buy? We need to sell our services. We value add to products and re-sell them to overseas. Get oil in and refine then sell out. Get ships, repair and earn from others nations.

Why should the other nation buy from you when they can buy direct from other nations, where raw materials, product and services are cheaper?

Technologies Make the World Smaller

With the technologies in today’s era, jobs can be steal anything anywhere. IT programmers are cheap and work can be done virtually online without having to come to Singapore. There is no way Singapore can stop the trend, there is no way you can stop people from stealing your job.

It seem to be worrying If you only focus on the negative sides of the situation. On the positive side, it also means there is no way other people can stop you from stealing their jobs. No one can stop you from earning more income if you decide to earn more. In this new era open economy, if you don’t improve yourself, you will get left out from the rest. The fact that one is having difficulty in coping with the higher living expense, is also an indicator telling us that we are behind average. Use it as a feedback to improve yourself, and not an excuse to justify why your life sucks.

Jobs Lost, Opportunity Still Here

You may lose a job to foreigner here, but at least the business is here. You still have an opportunity locally to steal back your job when you becomes better. Other business can still offer products, services and earn income from it. Customers who need this business to survive  can still continue their operation. Foreigner worker working here will still need to spend on local products, services, daily food and expenses. You job may be temporary lost due to your incompetent but business opportunities are not. They are transformed into another form. We just need to keep ourselves updated to the changing world and adopt accordingly.

If the goods and services can flow freely in Singapore for the benefits of Singaporean, the same should goes for the manpower. Singapore has all along been a very open economy. It was never a close economy.

Start Your Own Business

Why need to rely on employer for a stable monthly pay? Why not start your own business? Why not determine your own pay? Not only no one can steal your job, you have the opportunity to create more jobs. Government has a lesser headache because they don’t have to worry about creating a job for you. And not only that, you are creating more jobs for more people in the economy.

Network with Foreigner Friends

Why treat foreigner as competitors? Why not make friends and forge friend with their network at home? Working towards win win. Do business with them!

The Only Thing We need to Fear

The only thing Singaporean need to fear will be that we Singaporean, are becoming too comfortable with our lifestyle. Failed to put down our high ego to acknowledge that the people from all over the world are getting more and more hungrier than we are, running much faster than we are. Just because we are successful today, doesn’t mean we will be successful forever. Just because we have now climbed higher than the rest, doesn’t we will forever be higher than the rest.

Media Control | Singapore is a Control Freak

Singapore media control. A topic that took me quite some time to ponder upon. It was not easy to over come the fact that our media is controlled. When I first learned about it, it was quite shocking to me. No wonder the opposition party leave such a bad impression all along in my mind. I thought they were bad people. The very first evident that government is trying to hide something from the citizen, the beginning of my hatred for the government.

I understood there was this thing call media control, but I have yet to experience it. It was a great night after attending a WP rally. The crowd was extraordinary. I have never in my life see so many Singaporean coming to listen to a talk. The crowd were huge compare to the PAP rally. The very next morning, I brought The Strait Times. Indeed as voice out in the internet, our media is obviously controlled. The crowd that I see last night turn out to be like a few cats and dogs standing by the hill to listen to rally. I was furious. The voice from the internet become so much creditable to be even since.

Many Felt Injustice to tight Media Control

Opposition supporter like I was, often have this question in their mind. The following was from one of the opposition supporter. It was much longer, I just extract out the relevant portion for this topic.

“How to do that, when dissenters have limited information, little transparency, and collective voices ? With all the gerrymandering, fixing opposition, punishing electorates daring to change leaders, mainstream media control and dissemination of biased information etc. Think examples. Last night on TV was an SG50 show with ex LKY’s pictures flashed intermittently throughout. Subliminal brainwashing ? to remind gratefulness to one person only ? I believe Advertising Codes of Conduct should ban that.So if feedback is not taken as a healthy process, the dissenters have to question the Leader/s of each policy, the Policy and the way it is Implemented. Like, is Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee, Goh Chok Tong, Lee Hsien Loong, Mah Bow Tan, Koh Boon Wan, Tin Pei Ling, Yaacob Ibrahim suitable as leaders to create policies and control the Implementation process ? Being “highly educated” doesn’t mean you can create good policies by having all your “yes” men around you. Similarly for the Implementation process.”

A Fresh New Perspective to Media Control

The benefit of media control which many other nations do not have. We have media control, but not as controlled as North Korea, perhaps. Why Singapore media control make sense? Media control doesn’t mean they control your hands and legs. Media control is the control of our mind mentally. It seems evil from the surface but many stuffs we do on a daily basis is also similar to media control.

Just like sexual content, which we do not wish our young child to watch before they reach the age of their adults. It takes time for our mind to be matured in order to interpret the content, the right manner.

For company and business, they interact with reporters and media to gain a better positive publicity. Treat nice nice to the media, pay the media to advertise, and write good about them. When there are bad news affecting their businesses, company will try to hide it, and prevent media from further reporting. I mean, media control is normal.

If Sony company is facing a crisis which is affecting their business and the living hood of their employee world wide. Then it is reasonable to at least find a way to minimise the negative impact that will affect them. No one knows, maybe your competitor is the master mind behind spreading the news and trying to beat Sony down so that they can gain business advantages. We will never be able to judge what really happen behind the scene. What we can is to see, hear and think. What is actually real, what aren’t real. What is the truth, what is not the truth.

People control media is here and definitely not the sake of fun. People control media for a reason. In Singapore’s context, media control is basically protecting the rice bowl of our nation as a whole. Many thinks that it is to protect the ruling leaders. Yes, on the surface it is obviously seems to be protecting their sits on the top. It can be tricky here, you just need to think deeper beyond the surface.

My Reply to Media Control Thoughts

This is how I view media control now, how I have replied to that question above.

“It depends on how you position yourself with regards to Singapore in your heart. Do you treat Singapore as your home, and Singaporeans as your family members. Yes, I think you would.

Position yourself as a leader of a big company. You are held responsible to take care of a huge number of employee. Making a profit so that everyone gets to bring food home every month, is a huge responsibility.

One day your employee John found out that department X has a problem. John has 2 choices he can choose to take action. To report to you, CEO so that you can rectify the problem. Second choice, he can choice to report to the media, gain attention and through the intense publicity, your CEO will take notice of it and rectify the problem.

Both solution will eventually leads to CEO solving the problem, but both will end up a result different in the macro view. As a CEO of the company holding the responsibility of your employee’s living hood, which would you prefer.

Do you prefer John to announce to the whole world that your company got a problem that needs to be solve? Telling people how bad your company is, scaring businesses, customers and investor away from your customer. Suddenly you found yourself out of cash flow to feed your employee and your business’s operation.

Or you prefer the employee to report the problem directly to you, so that you can rectify it? Solving the problem and yet not alarming your customers.

Hiding something do sounds somehow evil, but as a CEO, you have the responsibility to lead those staffs under you. You have many mouths waiting for you to feed them every month. The employee only has for himself to worry about, only needs to think about himself.

For John being honest and seek for truth and justice, it doesn’t seems to make much difference between the two choices. As a person of justice and truth, publicity seems the better options. In the CEO perspective, holding the responsibility of the people working for the business, you have little choice, but to bring the damage down to the minimum, because you are responsible for much more people. The stake is much much larger that any other people in the company can carry or had carried before.

If the employee truly love the company and loves all the fellow colleagues. He/she would probably not choose to resolve the problem through publicity, as this can have an impact on damaging the reputation of the company. A company was not built overnight. It is built over the decades with sweat and hardwork by all the staffs.

I mean, have you seen a bad publicity of a company and the CEO and the staffs of the companies are not doing anything about it? Everyone is doing something about it because everyone knows that if the boat is hit, the whole boat will sink. You boat got hit, if you care for your home, you will automatically minimise the damage yourself, without even any instruction from your CEO.

What Media Control Truly is

Media control is an automatic response from people who understand where the stakes are, how big the stakes are, and how it can affect their fellow family members rice bowl. To be exact Singaporean rice bowl.

People who find wrong in media control do not understand the stake. They care for Singapore, but they do not understand what’s beyond, because they only have awareness about themselves because they aren’t having any responsibility for the rest of the Singaporean. They believe in digging out the truth and forget the price that they will create when they dig. They are not treating other Singaporeans as their family members, nor they think that Singapore is their own home. They only care for themselves, what’s inside their house is their home, what’s outside their house is not their home. I have seen many little examples on the ground which refers this selfish behavior. I know we may not be like Japan with perfect social behavior, but Singaporean should be able to do better.

People are not even holding themselves responsible for the rice bowl of the rest of the Singaporean. They sow distrust and stir hatred among the people. Those who read the hatred speech and do not bother to think will be caught into the mental trap as well. Hatred spread like wild fire.

I don’t mean that those minority Singaporean are selfish, I want to express that a real love for Singapore is not about digging out the dirty truth. These hatred speech, stirring emotional stuff, do makes people feel good but it doesn’t do any good but damage to Singapore. It should be about finding out where are the problem and quickly fixed it up.

Media control may seem to be a bad thing on a personal level, but in fact it is meant for the good at a national level. If you can care enough to understand, every Singaporean is dependence on our reputation and branding to earn ourselves a living. The money that we earn today, a significant of it comes from our branding, and not our capability. If I were to born in another country, my life will not be the same as I have now in Singapore. Someone with the same capability as me may work the same number of hours, contribute the same number of effort, but our rewards will different, all because I am born in Singapore, and he is born in China. Singaporean’s enjoy today, because of the good will that Singaporeans have built over the years.

Singapore is a Fragile Nation

Singapore do not have natural resource nor even any land to farm for our own food. Our motherland is not as rich as other mother has under their soil. Singapore only have human resource. We had these human resource who work hard, built the reputation, gaining world recognition that we all enjoying now. And there are people, for the reasons of self suffering or another, don’t give it a moment to think and tear it down as you wish. Yet thinking that you are doing a patriotic thing and helping other Singaporean (which are on paper still consider the minority group). If this is not define as an act of a traitor, I don’t know what else I can label these people as.

Only a competitor will want to see us dead, because if we become weak, they become stronger. Singaporean, has to know what are the right and wrong thing to do.

Singapore is Nothing

Singapore has nothing but human resources, competing for income, so that we can use it to trade for our daily necessity. Human resource that Singapore has is nothing compare to China & India who has far more than we have, and are much much cheaper some more. If customers want to buy products or services, it makes more sense to buy directly from the country of origin rather than through Singapore. Look at how many stuffs at your own home is made in China. Even the iPhone that people are queuing up day and night is made from China, not Singapore.

Singapore depends on higher form of good will to survive in today’s context, and if you are not bother about these stuffs and trash it like you think it should, the first wave of people who will get the hit will be those lower income group. Rich will have the resource to sustain for a while.

Life Sucks and You are still the one in Control

Yes. everyone love a story to explain why their life sucks. Who would like to hear a story that says that I am the one who makes my own life sucks? These atmosphere of hatred creates a society who are waiting for a solution, blaming things they cannot control, and not taking action to do things that they can have control over, to make their life better.

Is this the future Singapore that you people like to see? I cannot control the choice of Singaporean. What I can do, is to speak truthfully from my heart and be able to live my life everyday without any regrets.

Yes. Many say other nations can do this why Singapore cannot? Because Singapore is not like any other countries. Only those who truly treat Singapore as their own home will understand what I am trying to say. I don’t waste my time here for nothing. I am here for the future I believe in. I only believe in what’s real on the ground. Idealistic is only an idea. If you can use your idea and lead a big cooperation/company, then it is worth listening to your formula of success. If you don’t even have the means to take care of your own family in this very real world, then please for a moment, listen to those people who are successful in what they are doing. Listen humbly, learn from them to improve your life.

How to Differential Right / Wrong

We all love Singapore. I can tell because all people here spend their time to fight for Singapore. Do it the right way and not let others 挑拨离间 and influence your own thoughts. We (including me) don’t really knows who have the good or bad intention. I could be helping WP to create for hatred towards PAP, and you could be send by PAP to make the community believe that opposition are a bunch of xenophobic people. Nobody knows what goes behind. But this doesn’t means that there are no way to differential between right and wrong. There are ways, not easy.

This is when the pledge of Singapore helps. Peace, harmony. Those who follow these principle will win my heart, will be the one I should follows, because this is what I want to see in Singapore. And the only party that demonstrate this principle is clearly that only one.
If you may, I would love you to read “leadership and self-deception”. It is a good book to read. Read more positive stuffs. We have the power in our hands to build a better life for ourselves.
No matter who takes over the government at this coming election, let’s still stay united as one people, and follow the choice of the majority. Row the boat as one united people in the same direction. No point throwing down other people just because you don’t get what you chosen. This is the true democratic. I don’t want to see Singapore like other nations where after every election, they still quarrel. This brings them to no where. Respect democratic, respect the choice of the majority. Stay united, peace and harmony.”

Singapore Leader’s has Ridiculous High Pay. The Bullet Opposition Like to Use

Opposition and PAP are the same Singaporean, caring for the good of Singapore.

The only difference is the perspective. One know what they want, and they articulate what they want. The other, take action, and indirectly delivers what they want.

The Battle for Injustice & Ridiculous High Pay

Many opposition like to use the fact that government leaders pay themselves highly. Many thinks it is not fair. Some likes to compare our leader pay to Obama (USA president). The following is a typical comment that we will see from the opposition supporters.

questions rised buy “

“Lol… methink your comprehension failed badly when we weren’t even talking about who pay higher taxes… pls get it straight into your numbskull that whatever funds they used come from all taxpayers… and that includes their obnoxiiously ridiculous salaries & bonuses…

Using taxpayers funds and try to 脸上贴金 by promising upgrading carrots and or swimming pool to lure the unthinking old folks… is just despicably underhanded tactics and undermining our intelligence and integrity…

This shows they have absolutely zilch substance group of yes men with self vested interests… only inderjit singh is an upright man who walked away from the party whip when PWP was passed in Parliament without a referendum…”

How We Should Not Think Like Loser

This was not an easy question to tackle. How to convince people to accept that you deserve a high high pay? The only way is to understand this from the perspective of successful people. There is a reason why successful people are successful, and why loser keeps losing. It is all about the mindset. I was fortunate to have an encounter with a very successful Singapore, Adam Khoo, who is a very popular coach helping many many people exceed in their life. The free seminar/talks that he used to provide, indeed helped me into a better person than I was before I met him.

In short, if your life sucks, then acknowledge it, accept the fact that you do not have the skills to make your life better. Then learn from people whom you are inspired to be, learn from people who have successful demonstrated to you that they are successful themselves. It is only when you realise you are not good, will you look for a solution to improve yourself.

Do not be like those people who find life sucks, yet think that they are mighty, knows everything, and their views are correct. If these people are that great, and understand how the world works in the reality, their life will definitely not be suck. If you glass is fill full of water, you will not be able to take in more water. Acknowledge that you do not know what you do not know, be humble and learn from people who are more successful than we are.

The question is obvious trying to use the fact that most people having low income, making the high salary looks ridiculous. Focusing on the tax that we common citizen are paying are for the high salary of the leader. It is a powerful point which can stir hatred emotion in the people. Not something I like to see in a harmony, and united Singapore. Even I do felt that emotion deeply, whispering to me that life can be so unfair.

The following was how I comment back to her.

“How much tax do you pay? How much tax do poor people pay?
Besides our leader’s pay. We pay tax for everything in Singapore.
– for the road we use
– for the public parks and facilities
– for our home land defenses
– for the goods and services
– for our properties
– etc…

Not only you and I pay taxes, business also pay taxes. And rich is definitely pay more. The amount I pay can hardly pay for the basic quality infrastructure that we as Singaporean enjoy. This is the basic gratitude that Singaporean should have.
Companies and business tax paid are much much more than enough to cover the salary.
Opposition like to use words to focus on the little money that we individual earns, and stir people’s emotion to influence them to think that their tax contribution is all towards those evil leader’s pocket. Of course people who don’t really think, will be angry. This is a nice bullet for the opposition to shot down their target, of course to achieve their agenda. I don’t blame them because it is the people who likes to hear this kind of stories, listening to a story which explains why they face difficulty in their life, and opposition are the hero they can vote for to turn their life around. Yes, I was caught up with the emotions thinking that the world will change with my vote. If you think really logically, it shouldn’t. Will the unsuccessful people do nothing for themselves, but with the vote on their hand suddenly becomes richer and better off in life. Will the rich get penalise just because of the change in government? The rich will still be the rich, the poor will still be the poor, if they continue to do what they are doing now.

Don’t act as if you are the owner of all the tax payer money. Taxes are collective collected and managed by the government. If majority of the people trusted the government’s integrity to take care of the money, then for goodness sake, let them manage the.
Opposition always says democratic from their mouth, but when it comes to real democratic on the real ground, they seems not to understand democratic. Majority 60% of the Singaporean has given the mandate to the government to run the country. Respect our democratic, and trust the government to use the money properly. If majority say ok, please listen to the wishes of the majority. Democratic is respecting the choice of the majority and be abide to that choice. If most of your friend wants to eat western food then everyone go eat that, and not having the minority acting like a spoiled brat demanding that he/she is right in his/her own way.
It is also a loser mindset, to think that people cannot earn a lot of money, and that if they earn a lot, the rest of the citizen is losing a lot. That’s a loser way of thinking. Yes, you are right, if rich people earn the million dollar and keep those money at home in a box. Rich people also need to spend their money. The dollar they spent will be earn by another person in the economy, that person will in turns spend that very dollar and another person will benefits. Money will flows around the economy. It is not like they take all the cakes, and other people left nothing to eat.

Opposition just wants to stir up emotion in people, sow distrust in the government so that more people will hate them and they can win.
If as Singaporean and if you truly treat Singapore as your own family, you will never want to see quarrel and breakup within the family. The only group of people who would like to see that are those who are your enemy, your competitors and those who are mentally ill. Open up your eyes and not get 挑拨离间. Recognise who are the actual family members standing at your side, who are those who do not regards Singapore as their home and act recklessly without knowing the damage they are doing for the future of Singapore.
There are real challenges Singapore has to face to bring food back home to the family. Dealing with these internal conflicts with the loser’s mindset are a waste of resources.
Singaporean are all educated people. Learn to recognise who are those who truly cares for the future of Singapore, and who are meanly only using words to emotionally makes you feel good about yourself. The future is and always has been in our own hand. You have your own choice. Use them wisely.”

Why some People get So Much Pay?

It is indeed ridiculous pay, I must admit. Not easy to accept when their annual year pay is my life time pay. The important thing we should learn from successful people is that the pay is linked to the value that they add to the society, and not the time we spend working. Normal quite of mindset relates the time to the money they earn. The more time they spend, the more they should earn.

Successful people has a different mindset; realistic I would think. They link their income to how much value they have created. This may be a difficult to understand mindset for those people who are used to trade time for their income. Let me provide a simple example.

If you can help your company earn at least 5 million dollar profit every month, wouldn’t you think that the company can easily pay you 1 million dollar as your monthly salary. Even if you ask for 4.5 millions of dollars as your salary, it is a no brain-er for the company to pay you that ridiculous amount. This is because you are a positive assets to the company. With you around their assets rise, even if the rise is only $1, it is a rise. There is no risk in hiring you for the job because you contribute more than you are being paid.

Many opposition support wants to compare the salary of USA president Obama to Singapore’s leader pay saying that a leader who is looking after a bigger piece of land deserve a higher pay than leader who is looking after a small population and smaller piece of land. Yes, this explanation looks logical, and I was once also caught into that kind of mindset, that kind of thinking. What I want to voice out now is that people who has succeed in life do not think this way. It is actually a stupid logic. I can explain in a simple manner.

Do you pay your CEO running the company by the size of the company? Yes, CEO running a multi-national company with 10,000 employee under him. Does the CEO deserve more pay? It should depends on how much value he/she leads in for his company and employee. If he can brings in more income for the companies, and employee all getting bonus and salary rise because of his leadership, the CEO deserve a high high pay for his contribution and the huge load of responsibility that he/she has to bare for those people under his/her leadership. If the company is not making much profit or worst still in debt, do you think this CEO deserve more pay just because he is managing a MNC and 10,000 employee? No you wouldn’t. Shareholder and investor will run away if you do that. That will be paying yourself high even if you cannot perform.

The same goes to CEO managing a small team. If the company makes profit, CEO will deserve the pay.

This analogy is the same for Obama managing USA, and our leader managing Singapore. USA is still in debt, do you think he should give himself a high pay? Maybe… since he did improve the debt, but they are still holding a lot of debt. Ours get higher pay, we linked that to our GDP. Surplus for our trade, they deserve the rewards. The economy has a surplus and it is up to individual to grab that surplus flowing around the local economy. Don’t expect to sleep at home and expect your life will become better just because our GDP grow. We as individual will still need to go out and grab what we think we deserved.

What it really means for Singaporean?

GDP growing means more economy opportunity for Singaporean to grab in our home land. If GDP is negative, then less opportunities at home. We have to go outside Singapore to earn. No matter how good or bad the economy is, individual still has to work hard for themselves. At individual level, the life that we have is absolutely controlled by ourselves. Higher GDP just makes it easier for us, as compare to lower GDP.

Opposition support like to create a story that your life is controlled, and that you have no way to improve your life until you change the thing that controls you. While I cannot say this story is absolutely false, but it is a matter of mindset and story you tell to yourself, which allows you to take the right action to make your life better. If you believe in opposition supporter’s version of the story, of course, you will use the vote to make your life better. But facts is fact. Don’t expect that by sitting comfortably on your nice sofa, and with the powerful vote that you have on your hand, your life will be changed forever.

Be realistic and think for the future for your next generation. The power to control over your own life has always been on your very own hand. Only by realising and empower yourself, will you build a better future for yourself and the people that are around you.