Why I started this post…

Long Story…

It was 2011 when I quit my job, followed shortly by our Singapore election. The 2011 election was on a never before scale. The whole of Singapore, all Singaporean gets to vote.
I was age 33, never had the chance to vote. I finally got to vote for the first time, my virgin vote. I was so frustrated by the government that I vote for the opposition.

I do know that government policies are in general with a good will behind, but the people managing/executing the policies was just doing it wrongly. That was how I think. There are many things I couldn’t understand at that time. People online say that, you go see opposition rally, and compare the report from the official newspaper, sure different one. Indeed when I go rally, it was massive. Opposition got many strong support. Go PAP rally, significantly much fewer people and the supporters were not passionate for the leader they were supporting. This is unlike the opposite party, where people roar with hope. Why newspaper want to hide the truth from the readers? The news paper shot an angle which makes me feel like only a few dogs and cats who were listening to opposition rally. This is very different from the experience that I had had. It was the same rally that I had attended, which was reported on the newspaper. So what those others said about media being controlled by government is probably truth. The ruling party must be hiding something from us. If they didn’t do any bad things, why should they control the media, why do they have to hide from us.

If PAP is so good why do they need to form GRC, which is a form of barrier to the other parties. Not fair, I was thinking. I had made a statement, as long as they don’t abolish this GRC thingy, I will never vote for them. And from the net, I can read many many articles regarding the bad side of PAP, and their evil doings. Many many.
When I was young, I always think that PAP is a good party where many people support. As I got older, I realised that actually the opposition are good kind hearted people who cares for our people. What they said makes sense. They project a better society, an ideal society that we should enjoy. Freedom of speech, care for the needy, etc… many many…
During my university days, I got so interested, that I read books regarding Singapore history, even during my examination period. I just couldn’t stop reading. I also found out that PAP doing forceful act like implementing ISA, suing opposition until they go bankrupt, flee to another country, etc… If they are so good, why don’t they stand up like a real man and convince the people that we should support them. Instead, they act like a coward bulldozing their way through.

In short, they were evil in my eyes. And for my first ever virgin vote in 2011, I voted the opposition. For the presidential election held also in the same year 2011, I also chosen a non PAP candidate. When I watch the Channel News Asia, I can heard clearly people bulling loudly when Dr Tony Tan appear on TV. It was a clear sign to me that many people don’t like him. I am standing on the correct side. I voted correctly. I always had believed that I am standing on the righteous side.

Even during the Punggol East by-election in 2013, I attended WP rally for 3 days consecutive days.  It was the 2nd by election, due to the 2nd MP (Michael Palmer) involvement in a relationship scandal. The previous one was Hougang by-election in 2012 where the worker party’s MP (Yaw Shin Leong) who also involved in a relationship scandal. Good and great speech. I couldn’t vote, because I don’t live there. Yes, WP won. I am quite glad that more and more people are joining into the opposition. More and more people are awaken, finally.

This is also a time which I started to wake up. I have to thanks the media for broadcasting one section of the news on TV the very first morning after the voting. I cannot forget the moment, when a news reporter interview a young girl. She looks happy being interview by the reporter and seems to look glad with the election results. Then followed by a last statement which catches my attention. She said something like this “but my father is really really sad about the result, really really sad”. The expression from this young lady is genuine.

This statement ponder hardly upon me. I thought PAP has no supporter. Why would people in the right frame of mind, support such an evil party. People support PAP, because of wayang, some voted because they were civil servants, government related, so was said to be force to vote. They did so many irrational things, why would anyone passionate about this wayang Party.
Then I started to recall many many things, many flash back. I started to understand why my father’s vote was given to Tony Tan during the presidential election in 2011. It was a short chat with my mom. My mom told me she know who I will vote for, who my dad will vote for. She said she will vote different from us. There were 4 person competing in this presidential election. I recalled she told, that my father (Taxi driver) once worked under Tony Tan. My father mentioned to her that Tony Tan is really a very nice person, good temper, etc… This perception is too much difference from what I learned from the opposition supporter. I came to realised, maybe the young girl’s father and my father were right in their perspective. They are a supporter for a reason. I realise I do not have a valid reason to hate them. I have never be in touch with the leaders. I do not know them as a person. How can I judge them base on the opinions of other people, and words from the internet. How can I trust the people whom I didn’t even know on the internet, and believe in whatever they wrote. It was that moment I started to view the whole situation positively. And it was also the positive perspective that I had understood, I started to re-understand the policies in that positive perspective, believing that our leaders is doing for the best interest for our fellow Singaporean.

One by one, I revisited the policies with the faith that they are good people. I started to understand the policy in detail, in good faith. It was a flip of the mind experience for me, because I had once perceive PAP as angels (as a child), then evil (when I started touching politics issues), then angels again (a new perspective, with varies adults experience I had with gov organisation). I finally managed to see the goods in most of the policy. I then realised that it was all along my ignorance. I was too ignorance to be sweep easily by what people spread on the internet. Easily sow into distrust and into disbelieve in my own nation and my own leader. If the people who are spreading is our nation’s enemy or people who are jealous of our nation’s progress, I would have been that idiot who is their chess pawn who help them achieve their goals.

I also started to see a clear difference between how supporters from respective party spread their patriot. PAP promoting harmony, and helping people within the community. Encourage people and citizen to help one another, while opposition is creating hatred by stirring emotion and sowing distrust within the citizen, breaking up our community harmony and peace. If you treat Singaporean as a big family, wouldn’t you want to live in a harmony family, rather then blame this and that. Wouldn’t we want to help another family member when they get into trouble. When your family member make a mistake, be open hearten, correct the mistake, forgive, forget, and carry on improving our home. People make mistake at times, but opposition (or people who oppose them) will make use of this golden opportunity to gain more supports. Isn’t this putting fuel onto the frame at the back yard of our own home.

Not long after the PE by-election 2013, they launch the ultimate unpopular white paper on population. Many citizen are cursing… I read the newspaper, and from PM Lee words, can feel that they are prepare to lose their seats with the launch of this policy. They are going to increase our population, by bringing in foreigners due to low birth rate. Are they insane or what? For sure they are be putting themselves into the grave. Why do they still do these?

It was also this time, I started to contribute to the comments found at the bottom of every Yahoo’s online news. Topics regarding Singapore policies, white paper etc… You can see many comments swearing and cursing the government. I was writing faithfully trying to provide an alternative, positive views on why it could be good for Singaporeans. Thumbs down were usually more then thumbs up. It was expected. Many have deep hatred for the government. No matter good news or bad news related to the government, they will throw their negative views, sowing distrust, stirring emotions.  No superman will be able to convince them that the government is doing good. It is deeply rooted inside their heart.

The writing that I did also help me to focus thinking deeper into the policies’ good intention. As time goes, I get to see more and more people writing positively. It was also this time that I realised that my previous posting were gone. My people thought that I had deleted my own posting, thinking that I was just there only to sabotage, I was a PAP dog. It could be a software bugs, I thought. Or perhaps many people who hate my post clicked “Report Abuse”, which triggers the Yahoo to automatically delete my posting. So for most of the last year, I keep on writing while my comments were constantly getting deleted. I write over hundreds of comments but only 30+ comments were left. Knowing this problem, what I did was to save a copy of every of my posting, for my own references. Sometimes I re-post, if they got deleted. These were my thoughts which I spent hours and hours thinking and writing. I have since accumulated about 1.5mb of pure text. Everyday I spent on average about 3 hours just on this. Having experienced from hatred to understanding positively, I believe people should be given a chance to understand why things had to be done in a perspective that doesn’t seems to benefit them. Our nation need people with positive mindset, building nation in a cohesive and harmony manner. I don’t wish to see that our future generation get influence by only negative thoughts, and like Thailand riot last year, people acting like hooligan, showing no respect for democracy. If acting like a hooligan can solve nation problem, then why do we even bother to vote in a democratic way. There will always be people not having and there will be no peace, no matter who gets elected. People will just choose to protest, like in Taiwan. This is not the Singapore that we used to have. The Singapore which brings us peace, law/order and prosperity.

Recently this week, I tried to create a new yahoo user account. This time with better password and protection. I was able to write my comments without getting delete. I am monitoring the number of post that I put on line. I was thinking perhaps I was right, it is just a software bug. I managed to write about 35 comments under the recent Yahoo news report, May Day protest, May Day rally. Today I saw my comments gone down to 6. Probably it could still be the software bugs, it could also be moderator deleting my comments… Many comments from other writer remains, while mine gets deleted. Some accumulating 900+ over comment which talks negatively about our home. The comments under the yahoo news are generally anti-governments words. If there was a moderator behind, his/her agenda is quite obvious. It is to encourage negative comments to spread within our society.

I have decided that my comments shouldn’t be deleted just like that. People should have the chance to view our nation positively. This is the reason why I start my blog today. From today till 2016, all my words my thoughts will remain online. No one will be able to delete my post again.

Everyone has the rights to make their own comments or thoughts. But if the comments contains stuff that can ruin our nation’s reputation, which can affects our fellow Singaporean rice bowl, it has to be stopped. If there is a person behind trying to stir emotion, sow distrust and create hatred among our fellow Singaporean, it is my duty as a Singaporean to stop these people from destroy our home, our nation’s and leader’s reputation that we have been building for decades. It takes decades to build and can easily destroy instantly. Singapore has nothing, and our reputation that our early generation built and is still building, is what that keeps Singaporean survive. Our fellow people’s rice bowl depends on it. As what Lee Kuan Yew said during 2011, I sincerely repent the thoughts that I used to have. This is a way I repay my debts to our nation. Doing Nation Service everyday till at least 2016, the blogging way.

There is always a positive side to the negative thoughts.


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