Opposition is idealistic, PAP is realistic

Opposition hate governments and act like hooligan are in fact also caring people, and nice people who cares for the society. Just that they do not have enough experience to understand the dynamic of a real society. A real society consist of many type of people with many many characters. Good, bad, rich, poor, generous, selfish, etc…

Yes opposition cares for you, but they care for you in a wrong manner. But in an election rally, speeches that are smooth to our ears, moves our emotion more than the dry, realistic real life on the ground.

This is how a typical opposition thinks

A quote from “

“Depends on how you define Success… if your definition of success is by having the materialistic gains, I think I am blessed enough… IF dining in top restaurants, drinking expensive wine, travelling to many cities for holidays several times per year and staying in 5 star hotels etc are your key success measures to quantify if one is successful, then I should have fulfilled these criteria…

But I would like to think I’m better… for the above aspirations and achievements are just some form of smoky mirage… because at the end of the day what you really want is to have a happy healthy family with a cozy home to return to after a hard day work, have a group of close friends whom you can really rely on and be able to have fun and laugh over dinner gatherings (which can just be a bowl of noodles and or porridge with simple dishes); and doing some meaningful social work… To me, that’s the ultimate success to achieve in life… can’t say that about you…

But I’ve come to realize that the last part is unattainable in a way that more and more people require financial assistance be it the loss of income and or the need of medical attention… and that is blatantly obvious when our gini coefficient reached 0.478… about 30% are under poverty line with 15% living in abject poverty… and that calls for soul searching… how did SG become so mercenary?

That’s where I started to take note and realized that govt policies are the main causes of our current predicament…

Pls do not tell me that there are lots of social centres with various schemes to assist them as they are just addressing the symptoms and or doing reactionary firefighting only…

And if you being one of the educated learned ones failed to see what are the root causes of our social disharmony, disunity and or high living costs with highly inflated flats + frequent train breakdowns (which are co-related to implementations of relentless PWP & AES etc), then I’m sorry, I can’t really help you…”

This is how I think

Yes. I agree with you. Often people define success as materialistic gain. I am glad you are not.

Success to me means the ability to take care of yourself. This also means less relying from our government, or your employer. The next level of success is to take care of your own family. If you are truly capable enough, take care of the people outside of your family.
I don’t earn much, but I have considered myself more success than working for employer which I get more than double my current income. I don’t evi what other people are earning. If people are willing to pay you for that amount, you are worth the pay that you are receiving. Many people in the forum just can’t to get this concept right.

If success needs you to reply on government support to reduce transport cost, reduce housing for you, give you cheap cheap COE so that you can buy a car, then I don’t think you are successful in coping with your life.

In any society there will be people who fall behind the society. Importantly is not to drag the whole society back, asking people to help you, asking people to sell you things cheap cheap just because one cannot afford it. Other people are running fast, other nations are running even faster.

What is truly important is to teach people, pass them the knowledge to run faster then the rest, so that they have the skills to self-sustain for the rest of their life without relying on social safety network. Provided these people have the open minded, and are willing to learn.
Those people who have an able hand leg and mind but do not wish to improve themselves with knowledge and skills to catch up with the society, we can’t do anything to them. Everyone has a choice, we can’t do anything to them. There will be these group of people. If they choose it to be this way, then they have to prepare to accept the negative impact it will bring them. You want to be successful but no want to work hard for yourself, probably the only way is to buy toto.

The last group of people are those with difficult like poor health, disabled, etc… These group of people will find themselves not able to cope because of their physical/mental disadvantage. The society can teach them to fish for their food, but it is limited in what they can do. These will be the group that we need to collectively help them.

Anyone can help them, and we do not always need to wait for the government. People who are selfish and do not wish to contribute to the society will always like to push these non-of-their-business stuff to the government.

So wake up your idea now, and recognise who deserve help, who don’t deserve help. Everyone including me definitely like our living expense to be cheap cheap. Who don’t like it? cheap cheap. It is using this psychology factor that the opposition stir the emotion into our people, so that they can achieve their own agenda.

Yes. They make you like them, make you see them as hero like I seen. In fact, when you really bother to think, they are nothing but cowards. Cowards who do not dare to bring the real issue and challenges that Singapore is facing on the table. What we need is leader who have the knowledge and track record to leads.

See the Difference

Both sides cares for the people in their own ways. It is like different parenting method you have for your child. No one is right or wrong, it is a matter of choice.

But I do like people to think beyond what is sustainable. This has been always the type of govern Singapore is. A change in government simply means the change of a whole new mindset. I can’t tell what the difference might be. I am worried for Singapore for the quality of speech and “so call” solutions from the mouth of the inexperience opposition.

Maybe it is a faith that we will have a change due to trend and new dynamic of the people. We may just have to accept the fact that the society is changing. If we gone the wrong way, the society will learn from the mistake because sometimes it is “不见棺材 不落泪”. People need to make a mistake in order to learn. Singapore has seldom make much mistake because of the good leadership who has been sheltering Singapore for the past 50 years. It may not be a bad thing but will Singapore will able to get back straight after this kind of blow. I will doubt it. Today’s world is much more different than the world we live in 50 years ago. Singapore is nothing to the rest of the world. The world can easily continue to live without Singapore, but Singapore will not be able to sustain without the world.


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