Singapore Leader’s has Ridiculous High Pay. The Bullet Opposition Like to Use

Opposition and PAP are the same Singaporean, caring for the good of Singapore.

The only difference is the perspective. One know what they want, and they articulate what they want. The other, take action, and indirectly delivers what they want.

The Battle for Injustice & Ridiculous High Pay

Many opposition like to use the fact that government leaders pay themselves highly. Many thinks it is not fair. Some likes to compare our leader pay to Obama (USA president). The following is a typical comment that we will see from the opposition supporters.

questions rised buy “

“Lol… methink your comprehension failed badly when we weren’t even talking about who pay higher taxes… pls get it straight into your numbskull that whatever funds they used come from all taxpayers… and that includes their obnoxiiously ridiculous salaries & bonuses…

Using taxpayers funds and try to 脸上贴金 by promising upgrading carrots and or swimming pool to lure the unthinking old folks… is just despicably underhanded tactics and undermining our intelligence and integrity…

This shows they have absolutely zilch substance group of yes men with self vested interests… only inderjit singh is an upright man who walked away from the party whip when PWP was passed in Parliament without a referendum…”

How We Should Not Think Like Loser

This was not an easy question to tackle. How to convince people to accept that you deserve a high high pay? The only way is to understand this from the perspective of successful people. There is a reason why successful people are successful, and why loser keeps losing. It is all about the mindset. I was fortunate to have an encounter with a very successful Singapore, Adam Khoo, who is a very popular coach helping many many people exceed in their life. The free seminar/talks that he used to provide, indeed helped me into a better person than I was before I met him.

In short, if your life sucks, then acknowledge it, accept the fact that you do not have the skills to make your life better. Then learn from people whom you are inspired to be, learn from people who have successful demonstrated to you that they are successful themselves. It is only when you realise you are not good, will you look for a solution to improve yourself.

Do not be like those people who find life sucks, yet think that they are mighty, knows everything, and their views are correct. If these people are that great, and understand how the world works in the reality, their life will definitely not be suck. If you glass is fill full of water, you will not be able to take in more water. Acknowledge that you do not know what you do not know, be humble and learn from people who are more successful than we are.

The question is obvious trying to use the fact that most people having low income, making the high salary looks ridiculous. Focusing on the tax that we common citizen are paying are for the high salary of the leader. It is a powerful point which can stir hatred emotion in the people. Not something I like to see in a harmony, and united Singapore. Even I do felt that emotion deeply, whispering to me that life can be so unfair.

The following was how I comment back to her.

“How much tax do you pay? How much tax do poor people pay?
Besides our leader’s pay. We pay tax for everything in Singapore.
– for the road we use
– for the public parks and facilities
– for our home land defenses
– for the goods and services
– for our properties
– etc…

Not only you and I pay taxes, business also pay taxes. And rich is definitely pay more. The amount I pay can hardly pay for the basic quality infrastructure that we as Singaporean enjoy. This is the basic gratitude that Singaporean should have.
Companies and business tax paid are much much more than enough to cover the salary.
Opposition like to use words to focus on the little money that we individual earns, and stir people’s emotion to influence them to think that their tax contribution is all towards those evil leader’s pocket. Of course people who don’t really think, will be angry. This is a nice bullet for the opposition to shot down their target, of course to achieve their agenda. I don’t blame them because it is the people who likes to hear this kind of stories, listening to a story which explains why they face difficulty in their life, and opposition are the hero they can vote for to turn their life around. Yes, I was caught up with the emotions thinking that the world will change with my vote. If you think really logically, it shouldn’t. Will the unsuccessful people do nothing for themselves, but with the vote on their hand suddenly becomes richer and better off in life. Will the rich get penalise just because of the change in government? The rich will still be the rich, the poor will still be the poor, if they continue to do what they are doing now.

Don’t act as if you are the owner of all the tax payer money. Taxes are collective collected and managed by the government. If majority of the people trusted the government’s integrity to take care of the money, then for goodness sake, let them manage the.
Opposition always says democratic from their mouth, but when it comes to real democratic on the real ground, they seems not to understand democratic. Majority 60% of the Singaporean has given the mandate to the government to run the country. Respect our democratic, and trust the government to use the money properly. If majority say ok, please listen to the wishes of the majority. Democratic is respecting the choice of the majority and be abide to that choice. If most of your friend wants to eat western food then everyone go eat that, and not having the minority acting like a spoiled brat demanding that he/she is right in his/her own way.
It is also a loser mindset, to think that people cannot earn a lot of money, and that if they earn a lot, the rest of the citizen is losing a lot. That’s a loser way of thinking. Yes, you are right, if rich people earn the million dollar and keep those money at home in a box. Rich people also need to spend their money. The dollar they spent will be earn by another person in the economy, that person will in turns spend that very dollar and another person will benefits. Money will flows around the economy. It is not like they take all the cakes, and other people left nothing to eat.

Opposition just wants to stir up emotion in people, sow distrust in the government so that more people will hate them and they can win.
If as Singaporean and if you truly treat Singapore as your own family, you will never want to see quarrel and breakup within the family. The only group of people who would like to see that are those who are your enemy, your competitors and those who are mentally ill. Open up your eyes and not get 挑拨离间. Recognise who are the actual family members standing at your side, who are those who do not regards Singapore as their home and act recklessly without knowing the damage they are doing for the future of Singapore.
There are real challenges Singapore has to face to bring food back home to the family. Dealing with these internal conflicts with the loser’s mindset are a waste of resources.
Singaporean are all educated people. Learn to recognise who are those who truly cares for the future of Singapore, and who are meanly only using words to emotionally makes you feel good about yourself. The future is and always has been in our own hand. You have your own choice. Use them wisely.”

Why some People get So Much Pay?

It is indeed ridiculous pay, I must admit. Not easy to accept when their annual year pay is my life time pay. The important thing we should learn from successful people is that the pay is linked to the value that they add to the society, and not the time we spend working. Normal quite of mindset relates the time to the money they earn. The more time they spend, the more they should earn.

Successful people has a different mindset; realistic I would think. They link their income to how much value they have created. This may be a difficult to understand mindset for those people who are used to trade time for their income. Let me provide a simple example.

If you can help your company earn at least 5 million dollar profit every month, wouldn’t you think that the company can easily pay you 1 million dollar as your monthly salary. Even if you ask for 4.5 millions of dollars as your salary, it is a no brain-er for the company to pay you that ridiculous amount. This is because you are a positive assets to the company. With you around their assets rise, even if the rise is only $1, it is a rise. There is no risk in hiring you for the job because you contribute more than you are being paid.

Many opposition support wants to compare the salary of USA president Obama to Singapore’s leader pay saying that a leader who is looking after a bigger piece of land deserve a higher pay than leader who is looking after a small population and smaller piece of land. Yes, this explanation looks logical, and I was once also caught into that kind of mindset, that kind of thinking. What I want to voice out now is that people who has succeed in life do not think this way. It is actually a stupid logic. I can explain in a simple manner.

Do you pay your CEO running the company by the size of the company? Yes, CEO running a multi-national company with 10,000 employee under him. Does the CEO deserve more pay? It should depends on how much value he/she leads in for his company and employee. If he can brings in more income for the companies, and employee all getting bonus and salary rise because of his leadership, the CEO deserve a high high pay for his contribution and the huge load of responsibility that he/she has to bare for those people under his/her leadership. If the company is not making much profit or worst still in debt, do you think this CEO deserve more pay just because he is managing a MNC and 10,000 employee? No you wouldn’t. Shareholder and investor will run away if you do that. That will be paying yourself high even if you cannot perform.

The same goes to CEO managing a small team. If the company makes profit, CEO will deserve the pay.

This analogy is the same for Obama managing USA, and our leader managing Singapore. USA is still in debt, do you think he should give himself a high pay? Maybe… since he did improve the debt, but they are still holding a lot of debt. Ours get higher pay, we linked that to our GDP. Surplus for our trade, they deserve the rewards. The economy has a surplus and it is up to individual to grab that surplus flowing around the local economy. Don’t expect to sleep at home and expect your life will become better just because our GDP grow. We as individual will still need to go out and grab what we think we deserved.

What it really means for Singaporean?

GDP growing means more economy opportunity for Singaporean to grab in our home land. If GDP is negative, then less opportunities at home. We have to go outside Singapore to earn. No matter how good or bad the economy is, individual still has to work hard for themselves. At individual level, the life that we have is absolutely controlled by ourselves. Higher GDP just makes it easier for us, as compare to lower GDP.

Opposition support like to create a story that your life is controlled, and that you have no way to improve your life until you change the thing that controls you. While I cannot say this story is absolutely false, but it is a matter of mindset and story you tell to yourself, which allows you to take the right action to make your life better. If you believe in opposition supporter’s version of the story, of course, you will use the vote to make your life better. But facts is fact. Don’t expect that by sitting comfortably on your nice sofa, and with the powerful vote that you have on your hand, your life will be changed forever.

Be realistic and think for the future for your next generation. The power to control over your own life has always been on your very own hand. Only by realising and empower yourself, will you build a better future for yourself and the people that are around you.


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