Foriegner Stealing Jobs from Singaporean | Good or Bad?

The most common opposition supporters like to use is using the fact that foreigner is coming here to replace Singaporean. They would think of all the negative aspect of it making it seems to put Singaporean at a lower level playing field.

It sounds logical on the surface, but if you think carefully the implication of this, why on earth would a government do these, and yet dispute this obvious disadvantage that the government is putting pressure onto its citizen, majority of the Singaporean still vote and stand together with the government.

Government Allowed Foreigner to Steal Singaporean’s Jobs

Questions thrown at me at the following forum,

by someone known as “Prometheus”,

“Then I guess as a consolation worst off Singaporean should go and reside in those countries where the worst off Singaporean are better than those worst off in those countries.

Sound logical to you ? If yes by you, then the same logic goes to those worst off students here, go and study somewhere where the students’ results there are worse off than yours.

The difference here being those governments in those worst off countries with those worst off people are not that generous as our government in allowing our worst off Singaporean to go into their countries to “steal” their worst off peoples’ lunches or compete with their worst off students.

Hope you get the point I am getting dizzy trying to articulate my point.

Actually Government is saving our Rice Bowl

I mean yes, a lot of foreigner coming here is not sustainable. It will probably have to be this manner until we can find a gold mine which shield us from competition, or bring up our productivity. Meanwhile, we still have to feed our family.

The following was my reply to ….”Prometheus”

Singapore is an Open Economy

“In an open economy, people don’t have to travel here to steal your lunch. If you are living in North Korea then maybe.

Good flows freely. Just look at the goods you have at home, most are made in China. Even high end quality products like iPhone are from China.

If every Singaporean all buy from China, then local business/factory all can close down already. Do we restrict Singaporean to import cheap products from overseas? Do we force Singaporean to buy only made in Singapore goods? We cannot do that because we are an open economy.

Why Singapore has to be a Open Economy

The reason Singapore need to be open economy because we cannot sustain by ourselves. No natural resources like oil, metal, woods not enough land for farming our own food. We can only buy from other nations.

Where do we get the money to buy? We need to sell our services. We value add to products and re-sell them to overseas. Get oil in and refine then sell out. Get ships, repair and earn from others nations.

Why should the other nation buy from you when they can buy direct from other nations, where raw materials, product and services are cheaper?

Technologies Make the World Smaller

With the technologies in today’s era, jobs can be steal anything anywhere. IT programmers are cheap and work can be done virtually online without having to come to Singapore. There is no way Singapore can stop the trend, there is no way you can stop people from stealing your job.

It seem to be worrying If you only focus on the negative sides of the situation. On the positive side, it also means there is no way other people can stop you from stealing their jobs. No one can stop you from earning more income if you decide to earn more. In this new era open economy, if you don’t improve yourself, you will get left out from the rest. The fact that one is having difficulty in coping with the higher living expense, is also an indicator telling us that we are behind average. Use it as a feedback to improve yourself, and not an excuse to justify why your life sucks.

Jobs Lost, Opportunity Still Here

You may lose a job to foreigner here, but at least the business is here. You still have an opportunity locally to steal back your job when you becomes better. Other business can still offer products, services and earn income from it. Customers who need this business to survive  can still continue their operation. Foreigner worker working here will still need to spend on local products, services, daily food and expenses. You job may be temporary lost due to your incompetent but business opportunities are not. They are transformed into another form. We just need to keep ourselves updated to the changing world and adopt accordingly.

If the goods and services can flow freely in Singapore for the benefits of Singaporean, the same should goes for the manpower. Singapore has all along been a very open economy. It was never a close economy.

Start Your Own Business

Why need to rely on employer for a stable monthly pay? Why not start your own business? Why not determine your own pay? Not only no one can steal your job, you have the opportunity to create more jobs. Government has a lesser headache because they don’t have to worry about creating a job for you. And not only that, you are creating more jobs for more people in the economy.

Network with Foreigner Friends

Why treat foreigner as competitors? Why not make friends and forge friend with their network at home? Working towards win win. Do business with them!

The Only Thing We need to Fear

The only thing Singaporean need to fear will be that we Singaporean, are becoming too comfortable with our lifestyle. Failed to put down our high ego to acknowledge that the people from all over the world are getting more and more hungrier than we are, running much faster than we are. Just because we are successful today, doesn’t mean we will be successful forever. Just because we have now climbed higher than the rest, doesn’t we will forever be higher than the rest.


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