Lee Kuan Yew Rules Singpore with Ruthless Fist

One of the shocking video that I have seen,


It was about how GRC concept get formed. With Mr Chiam fighting against Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was clear that the concept of GRC will be a disadvantage to the opposition party.

This was the video that convince how ruthless Lee Kuan Yew was. Video tells a thousand words. He was a kind looking grandfather to me, but this video had changed my impression about him. I saw how he forcefully interrupted the opposition without any respect for him.

Ever since I woke up that day, from the world of hatred and suppression in 2013. I finally get to see Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s perspective of Singapore.

I Was Looking at the Wrong Perspective

I have to admit, I was caught into the mental state, got trap. If not for the TV interview and soul searching, I will probably still not wake up from the reality. While I always talk about this story as it was a an instant flip of my mind, in reality there are definitely many small little instances that lead me to the mind set that I have today.

A Story of a Wise Ruling

I would like to share with you this story, which helps brings out the emotional side of what I am trying to express. A story a mother who’s baby is stolen by another mother. I manage to find the story online,

A Wise Ruling

Most of the time, we are speaking in a perspective of our own. The disagreement and argument arises are also because of the difference in the thoughts that each individual has in their whole mental whole.

Both sides, be it the government or anti-government supporters, often starts with a good intention in their mind for Singapore. Both are often right and logical in their way of articulating their thoughts. As a judge not knowing who is right who is wrong, having to make a rationale decision to cast our vote can be a dilemma. A vote for our future, who should you trust?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Truly Loves our Nation and Singaporean

I can finally understand why Mr Lee Kuan Yew acted like a hooligan in that video. I thought he was just a hooligan trying push his weight through whatever he wants to do.

Opposition like to says whatever they like to say, freely, freedom of speech, because they are not holding any stake in their hand when they speak. On their hand they have nothing. No mandate from the citizens of Singapore, no experience, not holding any form of responsibility. What they are focusing on is how to speaks out the people’s mind and win the heart of the people at all cost. I had resonated so well to their speeches. It brings up a sense of justice and equally in people wanting to fight for our own right which will benefits ourselves.

On the other side, there is a mother who is always careful in her words. She knows the consequences what what her word can brings to her baby. One wrong speech, one wrong action, and her baby can be gone for good. The real mother cares about her baby, love her baby, and is responsible for her baby. She even has to lie about the real truth, to the best interest for her child. The stake the real mother has, is way way bigger than the other mother who is trying to get what she wants.

The Story Applies to Reality

We may not feel the pitch that the leader’s are feeling if we are not able to get into their shoes. Into the issues that they are worrying day in day out for Singapore and Singaporean. After all we only need to take care of our families and not the rest of our fellow Singaporean.

The same goes to the companies and staffs trying their best to protect the image of their company, because the company reputation is going to affect their rice bowl directly.

Media Control is Nothing But Protecting All Singporean

These thoughts applies to media control. Why on earth would people want to protect and choose PAP as the ruling party? Can’t people see what evil policies the government has came up with? Why are majority of the people so stupid? Who are they actually protecting? Protecting the PAP? As an opposition supporter, it is natural that they would want to use this bullet to their fullest advantage. To do whatever it takes, regardless of anything.

They are all protecting our home, protecting our own people’s rice bowl. Including me, joining in now. I can’t help it after I woke up. I too know now that the stake is too high to ignore and let the nature run its course. It is a mother’s instinct naturally come to me, to want to stand up and protect this home.

PM will definitely feel the pitch as he is directly accountable, LKY will feel more pitch as he is the one building up the home. If someone wants to break the very things that we are protecting, for sure we feel the pitch too. If you don’t feel a thing for something (stranger, not yours), you will not feel the pitch.

I can now understand what some people across the nation are protecting. They are not protecting their seats. They are protecting our home. They have a bigger heart and regards Singapore as their home, Singaporean as their family. People with smaller hearts only look at things from their own perspective and benefits. Because only those things behind their door is their home, and those outside their door is other people business. There are people who thinks and act like that.

It Sounds Really Easy to make a Judgement, in Reality it will not be.

While having say so many things, it can still difficult be difficult to make a judgement who right who wrong, who should you follow, who should you vote for. I can’t make a decision for other Singaporeans. I can only advise, to vote with a rationale mind weighting the factors that determine Singapore’s future. The power is in each of our own hand. If it is really that difficult to decide, I would suggest to vote for the team who respect and practice, peace and harmony, justice and equality. This one it is all about your own judgement.


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