The Opposition Election Strategy | Singapore Election 2015

Election, election, election.

Bullets flying all over the place.

Taken from this Facebook page,

The PAP’s Election Strategy

by the Facebook account “Wake Up, Singapore”

  • Keep talking about the WP’s lapses town council blah blah blah.
  • Mention Lee Kuan Yew’s name in literally every sentence.
  • Use blatant threats such as witholding HDB upgrades.
  • Cry in front of the camera to gain sympathy.
  • Deploy the IBs and the mainstream media to run their propaganda barage.

The Opposition Election Strategy

What I commented,”

  • Keep talking about the hardship and high living expense in Singapore, but everywhere I go, restaurant full house, more and more high end shops in Singapore. Children, student eat happy at MacDonald, holding the latest phone on the market.
  • Stirring hatred emotion by focusing attention to poor old people picking cupboard, cleaning the table in food courts, MP crying, so that it rise our blood and perceive PAP as evil pigs.
  • Use “Animal Farms Story” to relate to you how the people up there control your life, when everything about our life can only be controlled by our very own.
  • Installing fear, telling you that local FT is stealing your jobs which is the created by the gov policy, when in fact we are all along competing with the whole world, and the whole world is competing for our rice bowl.
  • Insisting that the mainstream media is propaganda while their online media as the truth and not propaganda.
  • Making people feel that Singapore is poorly managed by focusing on the poor in every society. The fact that in any society, in any situation, there will always be people who are running behind people. There will always be a last position.

People Loves to hear Stories causing their Suffering

Believing in the words of hatred can psychology put people into a state of helplessness, believing that we are not to be blame for our own suffering. And that external events are to be blame for all our suffering.

We all want to change others. But in reality, there is No Way to demand others to change, demanding for higher salary, demanding for cheaper goods and services in life, demands from bosses to lower down our salary. When we cannot control other people submitting to our wants, we will feels as though we have no control over our own life and job. An emotion of helplessness, and that the only way out is by the very vote in our own hand on the polling day. Making us believe that by the vote in our hands, our life will change for a better.

I am confident enough to say, no matter which party takes over the government, our life will remain fairly our own life. No one owns us a living. Rich will still be as rich, poor will still be as poor. Employer who cannot afford to pay us a higher salary will still not be able to pay us a higher salary. Your food taste lousy, not good to eat, your business will still be as poor. Do not expect miracle to happen.

How much we can earn and make a better life for ourselves, depends on the value we create for others. It doesn’t matter which government takes over. We cannot change this fundamental facts, and this is how the economy works in the reality. People still choose goods and services that are value for money. The law of nature doesn’t change because of the vote in our hand.

Waking Up to Reality of Life

The only way to improve people’s life, is to get them to wake up to the reality. The reality that our life sucks because it is due to our own fault. It is only when we realised that we are the creator of these faults, we will know that we are also the creator of our own success. To wake up to the fact that the power that control over our life has all along been in our very own hand.

All Singaporean are face with the same rules and regulation set by the government, the same stress and challenges in life. Why is it that there are people who are successful, and there are also people who are not? Why is it that some restaurant are always full-house, people who can afford chasing for high branded goods, and we have some people who can’t.

In every class room, there will people who will be the first in class, and there will always be a student in the last position. This is a reality that there will be strong and the weak. Why opposition always show you the weak? A coward way to stir negative emotion that the society is unfair, so that people empathy on their vision. If every classroom has a 1st and last, it will be the same for every society around the world. There will be the rich and the poor. These are things that they can use as a bullet to stir emotion, sow discord to achieve what they want to achieve. Those who listen to them without doing your own thinking and judgement are simply becoming a pawn in their chess game.

Why PAP so Evil but still get Voted in?

Just ask ourselves, why if the policies are indeed so cruel, so bad, so heartless? Why people still vote for evil pigs? They will start to find excuses to reason out by saying that those Singaporean who vote them are stupid, they are fearful, scare to change. These are stories to help them justified that their version of stories are the truth and that the rest are fake.

以小人之心,度君子之腹. Even if PAP sincerely offer you a drink, you will have your way of justifying that they put poison in the cup.

No One Loves to Blame Themselves

These are bullshit stories to make yourself feel better, and that you have the right thoughts. No one loves to blame themselves for their own suffering and have the courage to say that they are stupid.

Trusting People Who Only Talk?

If the mindset of these stories that you have, of these alternative democratic way of debating, a better way of managing Singapore, really works, your life would have been the first to experience the truth. Your life will not be sucks. Your life will be smooth without hardship and suffering. The fact that our life sucks because we do not have an idea how to make our life better.

We just need accept the fact that we are the problem of our own life and we need to learn from people who are more successful than we are, who knows how to navigate through the reality with ease. It is only when we start to wake up to this reality, will we start to look for ways to improve our own life. If we keep blaming others for our own suffering, it will make us feel as if there is nothing we can do to improve our life (because there is no way to control other people in a society of freedom).

But for a moment if we starts to think again. Accept the fact that we have in control of our own life, and empower yourself to make a change in your life for a better. No one owns us a living.

Future of Singapore

The future of Singapore lies in our own hand. Vote wisely with your own judgement, and not be influenced to the extreme of either side. For every 1 negative things that comes to our thoughts, we should also brings in 1 positive thoughts. Keep views in balance. Always stand in the middle and judge both side fairly. The decision that we made will always be right.

Vote and sleep with a peace of mind. Happy Voting.


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