Is Singapore Our Home?

The mindset of opposition supporter is quite straight forward. The reason why some people are thinking differently from the government because they treat the definition of home a home, and nation a nation. These can results in many of the misunderstanding between the government and the anti-government.

taken from:

A Home, A Nation, A Company. Are They Different or Same?

“from mouseking

“There you go again with your confusion. A home is never a company! And that is why we have to defend our home from becoming a company.”

“No, a nation and home. They are not different entities! A company is a different thing altogether! Therein lies yours and fap’s confusion!”

mouseking treated these definition strictly from textbook. Of course they are different.

If you treats all these as the same, you will be able to understand a lot more of the perspective that seems evil doing from the government’s policy. In order to understand why government has been so evil, you first have to treat your nation as your own home, and all fellow Singaporean as if they are your close and loved family members.

They Are the Same

mouseking replied me a few times that a nations and it triggers my memory. An encounter I had in a recent year.

“from Siong Boon” as follows

“Yes. It is. I didn’t really think deep about this topic, until I personally saw one incident with my own eye. It totally provided me that perspective. It was then I understand that there is this two perspective of home.
One fine afternoon, As I was going out walking down my flat, I saw a primary school kid wearing school uniform on his way back home. He taking his drink from this disposal drink (seal type poke with a drinking straw). There was some left over in his cup, and he no longer want to drink some more. What I saw is amazing.
Without much thoughts, he swing his arm and threw that disposal cup towards the door of our HDB rubbish chute door. The cups smashes at the door and the drink were spilled over over the place. It is something that I would not even try to do. This sort of mental behavior is trained from young.

At the moment, I thought to myself, is this the usual way people dispose their waste at home? The answer to me was obvious. There are two kind of people in this society. One group of people only look towards themselves. They like their home. Anything outside their door, it is non of their business, it  is other people’s business. Rubbish in their home they pick up. Rubbish outside their home, it is other people business. These people usually think of themselves as a priority.

Another group of people treat every where as their home. Rubbish outside, they pick up, see got people need help they help. The whole Singapore is their home, everyone is their family member, helping one another.
That’s the difference between mentally. If one truly love Singapore and Singaporean, one will go for the solution that benefits the society as a whole, and not only think about the benefits for themselves. There is a difference between the mindset of these two group of people, which can be reflected by the kind of policies that they are supporting in the coming election.
Do you see your home as your home, or Singapore as your home? It can easily be seen from your daily behavior and thinking mindset.”

Treat it as if it is Your Home

The same rules applies to companies. If you behavior differently when you treat company as a place to make your earning, and if you treat the company as your home.

If we treat Singapore as our home, as our company, as our source of income, as a place which help us survive and live good life, you will be able to connect to what the government is trying to do. Government’s doing look cruel and evil on the outside, but in reality it is caring a lot for Singaporeans, a reason why they are one of the longest ruling party in the world. All these will be gone when there are more and more people thinking inwards into themselves, ignoring things outside them, outside the door of their own home.


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