Singapore Imports Foreigner to Steal Jobs from Singaporean Depressing Our Wages.

Singapore-Siao asked a good question.
“protecting Singaporean means not importing foreigners en-masse, REGARDLESS OF WHAT ECONOMIC GOOD THEY BRING in, because they will result in Singaporeans being reduced to minority in our homeland.
That alone, is enough to stop me from voting the bunch of thugs who just committed treason.”


Singapore-Siao good question rise.
What you probably means is that the import of foreigners are stealing Singapore’s job, depressing our wages.

So my question is, what makes you think that they have to come to Singapore to steal your job?

We are not a close economy, and foreigners are in fact everywhere stealing our jobs and depressing our wages, even they are not physically in Singapore.

1) look at the products that we have now in our home. How many products are made in China, Malaysia, Thailand…, how many products are made in Singapore? Why not people buy made in Singapore product, so that our factory can continue to operate here, and not be migrated to another land for their production? The universal truth is people still go for low cost. We cannot blame most of the Singaporean to buy made in China iPhone iPod, and not Creative phone or MP3 players.

With the convenient of internet in these era, I have to admit that I often go online to buy products directly from China instead of the local shops here in my neighborhood. Although it is only a few minutes walk, but online purchase has much more choice, faster, cheaper, and it even includes delivery to my door step. More local merchants will be screwed.

Singapore produce nothing, no natural resources. We are only a land of human beings, which China/India have more and cheaper than us.

What we have now that can differential ourselves from the other nations is our political stability, reputation, branding that early generation has built over the decades. These are what we are surviving on, and we as Singaporean should not attack on the things that keeps us alive.

In fact, the world could easily no without Singapore. Everyone prefer to buy direct from wholesale instead of through a trader. Singapore with nothing cannot do without the world.

2) look at the jobs and services available online. Technology changes the world. Internet has help make the world smaller, by bridging our communication at a very low cost. IT department is no longer needed in this new era. We are very comfortable using email online, software in the cloud, that we hardly need any more IT staffs. Today IT services is provided 24hrs a day support by people all over the globe.

Even the customer services of big companies do not have to physically in Singapore to serve you. At 1pm, it could be an officer from India attending your call. If you are a Chinese, they can easily route you to their colleague who is in China to talk to you. When you need help at night, the officer from USA can help you up.

Check out how much you can hire for someone to write your software/programming, do website, write content, draw graphics and design for you. It cost as low as $5 from “Fiver”. Look at “oDesk” and many more. I can’t cannot compete at all at this ridiculous rate.

We have to look at the world in a boarder view, and not acting like a frog in the water well. These slow changes in the world economy will kick you out without you knowing. If our life sucks now, it is already an indicator that we are falling behind the world. Like a frog a pot of water put to boil, it will be boiled to death without even knowing why.

3) If Singaporean can’t even compete with foreigners right here in Singapore, then what makes you so sure that we can compete with them overseas.

You lost a job to a foreigner in Singapore, at least the job is still in Singapore. The business is still here. You can train harder and take back your job in Singapore. If the business cannot continue operate here, the whole list of jobs will be lost, you may have to travel overseas to get your job. Now you have become the very foreigner that you hates.

One business lost is more than that list of jobs. Many customers, vendors, depends on the business to operate. A chain of businesses will be affected. All businesses are related to other businesses, one way or another.

Foreigner stay here, eat here, they will also need to spend. There will be other businesses who will benefits also.

4) So if our job is taken over by foreigner, what we need to do is to shift our mindset. To acknowledge that the world is changing.

a) We need to improve our skills if we want to take back that jobs. Convince your boss that you are better than FT. If we can help boss earn more income than what we get paid monthly, there is no reason why the boss don’t hire us. The boss will only gain, no loss, because we showed boss that we can help them make more money than what we get for our stable monthly salary.

b) If the boss is stubborn and cannot be convinced by you, and prefer to hire cheap cheap for better profit margin or whatever…, then why not setup a business to compete with your boss? Since you already have the confident and capability to earn more than your usual stable monthly salary, it is a no-brainer to do your own business instead of helping your lousy boss.

Doing own business even better. You will not have your wage depressed, because you are now the captain and can decide how much you should pay yourself. If you want to earn more, no one can stop you, if you want to relax and earn less, no one can force you. You determine your own destiny instead of being threaten by your boss and your FT competition.

When you business grows bigger, even laggi best. Now you can have more capability to help those Singaporean around you, providing them with jobs. Your boss lousy doesn’t mean you need to follow his foot step. You can do your part and control the community around you.

c) Now with so many foreigners in Singapore, we can even have more chance to work and network with them. Form a business partnership. Singapore is a hub, we can be a land to help businesses connect. Foreigner may have good product or services in their hometown that they can offer to the world. Having lived and worked in Singapore, have Singaporean friends, whom do you think they are more likely to work with. Singapore, of course. Network with FT for there are more opportunities than it is to a lost of 1 job. Business opportunities is about networking. More friend is better then less.

Singapore has no resources and depends a lot on business networking to survive. If not for our leader’s foresight and make friend with people from all over the world, we may not have so many foreigner competing, neither would we have so many opportunities and progress. Life is like that, you open the window to let the fresh air in, you will also at the same time let the flies or mosquito in.

Importantly is to installed Singaporean with the correct mindset to survive in the competitive world today. There is no way we can stop the world from being better than Singapore. We can only be better and running faster than them. We have to because we depend on the world to survive. They world owns us nothing.

Learn from business man how the survive in business world, and yet is capable enough to feed Singaporeans with monthly stable income. If our life is sucks, it is definitely our fault, because we are the one who is controlling our own life. No government can stop you from success, neither can the gov force you to work harder.

“If we are born poor, it is not our fault. If we die poor, it is definitely our fault.”. No one owns us a living. Understand and accept this reality, we can changed our own life, because the power to change our life has always been in our own hand.


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